Customer Commendations


“Incredible staff! Truly caring about each and every dog. The team went out of their way for our English Bulldog, who had some behaviour issues. The Pet Shop Boys showed such flexibility and compassion working with her and providing training solutions to help her. I cannot recommend them enough. I don’t know how we could have coped without their help.”

“The Pet Shop Boys is the only facility we trust with our miniature dachshund. They are meticulous and take pride in being the best at what they do. If you’re a fussy dog owner who has put in the hard yards to raise a well-behaved dog, this place is worth checking out.”

“Enthusiastic, professional and trained staff who are truly dog lovers. Shanice, Daniel and Mel are fantastic. We regularly get pet project videos of the staff teaching our dog new tricks, which we absolutely love. It’s nice to see what your dog gets up to during the day.”

“They remember all the little things that are so important to you but may seem trivial to someone else. TPSB took the initiative when our dog showed signs of stress at daycare and referred us to a fabulous trainer who showed us how we can work together to help our dog adapt to long hours at daycare.”

“I can’t say enough good things about how well David and the team at The Pet Shop Boys treat our dog, Fergus. We had some bad experiences with other groomers here in Vancouver as it’s easy to butcher his hair because he’s got some special colouring. After a ‘spa day’ at The Pet Shop Boys, Fergus always looks amazing and not once have we noticed even so much as a hair out of place. It’s obvious that they love what they do!”

“The Pet Shop Boys is the only place I trust my baby with for daycare and home boarding. Chris and David are extremely knowledgeable about dogs and truly passionate about their work. The pet accessories sold at TPSB are truly one-of-a-kind: you won’t find the same stuff being sold anywhere else in Vancouver.”

“What makes this place truly stand out as the best is the superb quality of their daycare and home boarding service.”

“My dog can’t stop wagging her tail in excitement whenever I drop her off at The Pet Shop Boys. That’s all the confirmation I need that they’re spoiling her rotten.”

“I cannot say enough good things about TPSB. I had tried other groomers but had not yet found ‘The One’ until they came along. I have two Chihuahuas with vastly different personalities that I have fully groomed every 2-3 months. Not only do they do an amazing job, but the service I receive is always top notch. They know me and my dogs and they handle all of us really well.”

“When I consulted with them about daycare they were open and honest and said that one of my dogs was not suitable because of her aggressive tendencies. They were right and I’m glad they didn’t take her to just for the money even though it would’ve been the wrong thing to do. They put the dogs needs first which is as it should always be and why they are now “The Only One” to me and my dogs.”

“Zoe is a very important member of our family and we want only the best for her…and this is the place we’ve found it! Zoe loves going to daycare and to sleepovers with her extended family at TPSB, demonstrated by pulling my arm off to get in the door (we’re working on that). Most importantly, we have such peace of mind knowing that while we need to be away she is cared for and loved by wonderful people.”

“If you love your pup as much as we love ours, this is the place to go!”

“Their love and genuine compassion for animals is apparent through their continued charitable contributions, commitment to continued education and excellence, and their daily interactions with furry clients.”

“The Pet Shop Boys and their team are a godsend!”

“I am so grateful that I found TPSB for doggie daycare for my pup. I visited several other doggie daycares and didn’t even feel comfortable leaving my pup there for the “trial” test. TPSB however, were fantastic from the start. They are so knowledgeable, trustworthy and committed. I used to feel guilty about having to work and leave my pup at daycare – now I feel guilty when I don’t take him there!”

“Our dog races like mad to the front door to get in and doesn’t even turn back to say good-bye to me or notice that I’ve left. And the staff are so attentive to everything that happens at the daycare, I do not worry one bit once I leave him there. I am so happy to have found this place and couldn’t recommend more.”

“Not only do I have a dog that needs grooming, I also have a dog that is scared of everything. Grooming was a nightmare for him. Then I found The Pet Shop Boys. The groomer told me ‘No problem’ for the cut I wanted and when I picked up my dog, he was so happy! Apparently he even jumped into the tub himself! I don’t know what this says about the other places, but you’ve got my business and my dog’s too!”