Adventure Beach Runs

Hours (1 hour hike) Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 10:30am or 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Note: Add approximately 1-1.5 hours before and after each hike for pick-up and drop-off time to accommodate traffic and weather conditions.

Adventure Beach Runs at the Pet Shop Boys are safe and exciting doggie adventures hosted at MacDonald Beach.

This run is great for high endurance dogs that need that extra rush of exercise to burn off excess energy so that they are nice and calm by the time you get home from work. This is a great opportunity for your pooch to explore his/her natural animal instincts while socializing with five other friendly dogs. This run is off leash and supervised throughout the nature trails. Rain or shine, we go for it!  During a hot summer’s day we make our way to Spanish Banks for a refreshing dip into the ocean and playtime while the tide is out.

All of our adventure beach run hikers are fully trained, insured, and licensed with the city of metro Vancouver. We escort your dog in our dog-friendly and well-ventilated truck where all dogs are tethered securely inside for a safe ride to and from the park. At the end of each walk your dog will be towel dried and quickly cleaned off before entering your home.

Check out our weekly BLOG with updates of videos, pictures and diary entries of doggies having an adventure with their buddies at the beach! Please make sure your home is in our pick-up/drop off ZONE for this Adventure Beach Run Service.

Use the online booking calendar below for REGISTERED dog only. If you have any questions please contact us at the boutique @ 604-569-3377

Please complete ALL 4 steps to confirm your Adventure Beach Run booking.