Bath & Blow Dry

Hours Tuesday to Friday: 9am - 6pm / Saturday: 10am to 6pm

This service is great for dogs that don’t need any hair trimming, for example labs and pugs, or just need a small clean up between grooms. Our bathers are expertly trained to provide a double wash in an organic and tearless shampoo, removing all the loose dirt and debris and exfoliating the skin. Your dog will get their nails clipped and ears cleaned (and plucked if needed), and an external anal gland expression at your request. Dogs with longer coats will have their paw pads and private areas trimmed to keep the area clean and free of knots and debris. After a hand blow-drying and a minimum of 15 minutes of brushing to remove loose fur, your dog will be ready to go home smelling and feeling refreshed.

For pricing and detailed questions please call our boutique at 604-569-3377.

Drop off and pick up is at The Pet Shop Boys @ 3080 Cambie Street or call us at the boutique to arrange for our Doggy Chauffeur service for pick-up and drop-off to and from your home. Please make sure your home is in our ZONE for this Chauffeur service.

Our booking process is fully automated. To book your doggy spa appointment simply login. Our online booking calendar is for REGISTERED dogs only.

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Our Groomers

Sachi's Bio
I studied animal nursing and grooming, an intensive two year program, at the International Animal Health and Management College in Japan. After graduation, I began work at an animal hospital as a nurse for eight years, where I got my first taste of the grooming industry. I came to The Pet Shop Boys to provide the utmost bathing experience for dogs, while simultaneously keeping the pups happy! I look forward to meeting all of your doggies and all the experiences to come.