Daycare – April 18 to 22, 2016

Daycare Diary

 April 18 – There is no better way to start the week than with a gorgeous, sunny Monday! Mackenzie, Eddie and Teddy really enjoyed their walk together this morning. Berkley had his eyes set on Aisha, the two of them are becoming best of buds!

April 19 – The sun came out again today, and so did all the playful puppies! As always, best buds Aisha and Huxley were determined to make the most of the extra space before everyone else showed up for daycare. Time flies when you’re having fun so before they knew it, it was time to go on the first walk of the day. Eventually, Berkley, Arne, and Frodo came in and rounded out the play group. Over in her favourite spot, Prim Rose supervised the young pups as they played, occasionally giving advice and coaching them in their games. As it turns out, Arne and Frodo make a great team! Those two will sleep soundly tonight.

April 20 – Gabby thought she was the only daycare dog who woke up searching for some cuddles first thing in the morning. Upon Gabby’s arrival she discovered that Teddy, McDuffy and Keiko all had the same idea, and were lining up with tutors to get the snuggles they demanded. Pepper was having the time of his life playing with bestie Lola, especially after they spent all morning together on a walk at Pacific Spirit Park. A lot of excitement has been coming from the back pen all day and some of the dogs are calling it the “fun pen” cuz that’s where all the young dogs go to play and let go of some built up energy. Tutors think that Abby should be the queen and Aisha should be princess of the fun pen because they both have so much love for every dog and can play with all dogs. And those are important qualities for royals.

April 21 – Abby just couldn’t keep her paws off of Berkley and you may think that Aisha would be jealous but she was enjoying her girl time with Cali this morning. Tutor Shanice was super happy to see her good friend Toby (spaniel) and he was so happy to see her too! Dexter came back from his Pacific Spirit Park walk with so much to talk about, poor Finchley had his ear talked off with all of Dexter’s stories about the birds and rabbits that he saw. New besties, Ginger and Mia, had a great conversation about hair care techniques. Mia is a pro so she gave Ginger a few pointers on how to keep her coat looking glossy and smooth. The rest of the doggies enjoyed their afternoon nap in the warm sunlight coming through windows, so they were well rested and feeling great!

April 22 – What a crazy Friday here at TPSB! All three puppies, Aisha, Arne and Ojai Cali took over the back pen, turning it into a wrestle arena. Bo, Berkley and Chamaco teamed up together but were no match for the energetic pups. Bella and Toby weren’t interested in the festivities, instead decided to get some valuable nap time. Which obviously Mia, Charlie and Eddie thought was a fantastic idea! These pups all decided to catch up on some sleep so they would be ready to take on whatever adventures the weekend holds.

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Daycare – April 11 to 15, 2016

Daycare Diary

April 11 – It was a calm, relaxing morning to start off the week. Everyone was a bit sleepy to start, but as soon as Aisha showed up it was time to get going! Rooney, Aisha and Addie were all rolling and tumbling around together in the back pen. Their energy was so inspiring, even Moka and Jackson had to get up and join in. M came back from her walk at Pacific Spirit Park full of energy, so of course the only one that could match her was her sister, Dior. These two ladies spent lots of time together during their weekend slumber party, and spent their last few hours in daycare together catching up on gossip and chatting about all the fun things they did together over the weekend. I’m sure Dior will miss her sister, but she’ll be back soon!

April 12 – Rain off, rain on, rain off, rain on, the clouds cannot make up their mind today. Reminds us of a few of the dogs in daycare who cannot make a decision to rest or play and it’s been a full day of confusion. Huxley really wants to play with Frodo, Aisha and Abby, but the problem here is that Abby really wants to play with Frodo and Chamaco as well. Poor Huxley, all his buddies are in today and he’s having the hardest time dealing with who he wants to play with and who his friends want to play with. Aisha, on the other hand, has found the perfect balance between play time and beauty rest. But today Mr. Fergus is in and being almost the same size and fluffiness as Aisha, he’s really been a distraction for her. Little Mocha was happy to rest on our laps this afternoon, but Mia and Ginger really wanted Mocha to stay and snuggle with them until their parents came to pick them up.

April 13 – Abby stormed into daycare super excited to play with Gabby and her sister Zoe. Zoe became tired of playing quickly as it was still early in the morning for her to be crazy with other dogs. When River arrived Verdot couldn’t be happier to see her, yet he was let down when her attention was drawn to Huxley’s puppy energy. PomPom was missing her brother, Pickles, today and Teddy, Keiko, and McDuffy helped turn that frown upside down during their walk in the rainy Vancouver neighbourhood. On top of all the doggy excitement, Chamaco was reunited with his sweetheart Lola. And Chamaco’s heart broke when She was picked up because he doesn’t know when he will see Lola again.

April 14 – For today the dogs coordinated their arrivals by sizes. First came the small dogs, Mia, Louis, Ginger, and Jones. Ambba was told to come in the first group but she slept in this morning and tried her hardest to get to daycare ASAP. Following the itty bitties came the small-medium group who are lap dogs that are much heavier then they look. Ollie, Millie, Toro and Ebony all pranced into the pens with excitement for the sunny day ahead. Next to make an appearance were the puppies, who fit in different size groups but decided to come together so they had more time to play. Aisha and Berkley were the only pups coming in today so Sophie joined their group and trotted behind them upon entering. Then finally, the pack of large and in charge dogs arrived and they meant business. Rooney, Chamaco, Sydney, and the Danes, Rio and Dior, took claim in the back pen to watch the rest of the tardy dogs walk in. It was a very organized morning at the Pet Shop Boys but the tutors are ready for a crazy dog day this afternoon.

April 15 – It was a typical Friday morning at TPSB, and that means busy, busy, busy! Some of the first arrivals were Berkley, Zeppelin, Aisha and Huxley who were all eager to get the play group started. After doing a little parkour in the back pen, Cali joined the for a bit before we all went on our first walk of the day. Cali made a promise to Zeppelin to teach him same agility tricks, but maybe Cali just made it look too easy! That’s ok though, she’s a great teacher and encouraged Zeppelin to keep trying. Over in the middle pen, Lafawnda was showing off all the tricks she knows to some of the younger doggies. Addie saw this as a challenge and eagerly accepted. They had a battle of obedience, but of course they’re both so good they both won a prize!

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Adventure Beach Run Pet Projects – March 2016

Everyday on our Adventure Beach Runs our walkers set aside some great quality time to work with your doggs 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Touch, Under/Over Logs, including some fun agility lessons too!

Each Pet Project is broken down into baby steps leading us forward to a successful lesson completion. Once the dogs masters the trick we then pull out our camera and video tape what we have just accomplished to share with you on this blog.

Not only is this a lot of fun for our walkers and doggy crew but it really creates a strong bond between walker & dog as they learn and practice new skills together. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

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Daycare Pet Projects – March 2016

Everyday in Daycare our staff set aside quality time to work with our doggy clients 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Secrets, etc.

We also teach some really great games that dogs LOVE such as Fetch & The Sniffing Game! This is everyone’s favourite part of the day and our TPSB staff get so much enjoyment from interacting with your dog and watching him/her learn and practice new skills. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

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Daycare – April 4 to 8, 2016

Daycare Diary

April 4 – The weather man calls for Vancouver rain today but the daycare dogs call for sun and blue skies. It was a strong start to our morning with Cali, Berkley and Addie playing up a storm in the big pen. Tutors wonder if this trio are the only dogs that are bright and excited on early Monday mornings. Tristan had no shame in laying sprawled out on the cool daycare floor this morning, as he likes to say “you would understand too if you were a Rough Haired Collie”. McDuffy had pride in showing off his latest pet project trick, shake a paw. His peers knew how difficult it was at first for him to learn this new cue, but in no time McDuffy was shaking paws with Millie, Lucy and Maddy. From the sounds of it, Rex had a very exciting weekend. All morning he bragged about the amazing time he had at the park and all the funny looking birds he got to chase and scare off. Mia was a bit envious of Rex’s courage as she always tries her best to chase off the birds, but they aren’t scared of her one bit. Maybe little Mia can take tips off Rex and other dogs to improve her intimidation.

April 5 – All the dogs were excited to greet Tutor Daniel first thing this morning. Especially dogs like Mila, Ginger, and Verdot, who all had a lot to catch Daniel up on the gossip of last month. Unfortunately the weather man got yesterday and today mixed up given the fact that it was beautiful out yesterday and today we have Spring showers. Some of the dogs like Apollo, Scout and Buddy took the rainy weather as an opportunity to catch up on some beauty rest. They must be getting ready and full of energy for the beautiful warm weather we have coming our way. Little Miss Ginger kept a dutiful watch while all her friends snoozed, making sure no one came in to disturb their nap time. There was no getting past Ginger!

April 6 – It was a wonderfully busy morning at The Pet Shop Boys. Our newcomer, Aisha, was popular with the energetic dogs like River and Addie. This little ball of fluff had an awesome day playing with her new besties! Little Ella missed her boyfriend Ocho, but she occupied herself by playing with Addie and then later took a nap so she could dream about her crush. Over in their favourite crate, best friends Jersey and Rusty watched as all the other pups played the afternoon away. They made a game of commentating the play group to each other, whispering in each other’s ears in their comfy spot.

April 7 – After the brief break we had from the sun, all the pups were raring to go this morning. It was party time in the back pen with Abby organizing all the games and activities for the day. She decided that everyone would get a chance to play no matter what! She played with all the other dogs that came to her party like Louis, Rex, Emma, Dexter, Jazzy and especially Turk. Over in the other pen Aisha and Huxley tumbled around until they were ready for a nap. Every good party needs a chill room, so over in the middle pen we had a big cuddle puddle with Jackson, Finchley, Ruby and Ollie. Jersey and Ebony were conserving their energy for the beach in the afternoon, then they took Abby’s party on the road! Doggypalooza 2016 was a booming success, great job Abby!

April 8 – Wow it’s going to be a full puppy day at the Pet Shop Boys. Huxley, Turk, Cali (PWD), Aisha and newest puppy, Bella, we’re all super happy to come to daycare and all took turns playing together as well as, annoying the older dogs. Rooney, Tank and Cali (Sheep Dog) found that the puppies were unpredictable to play with but they loved the challenge. Pickles was super happy to be reunited with little Ella, but once Ocho, the heart throb, arrived to daycare, Pickles knew he didn’t stand a chance with Ella. Lucky for him, Mia and Ginger stood by Pickles side and invited him into their club. Gracie had a very relaxing day at TPSB spa, she was concerned about coming back to daycare in case her best friends Addie and Zeppelin, messed up he new do. By the end of the day, Gracie had lots of fun with her friends but still looked like she was ready for a weekend out with the girls. So many of the dogs were making weekend plans that the tutors were beginning to feel a little out of the loop.

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