Pacific Spirit Park Walk – July 21 to 25, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Run Dairy


July 21 – Stanley tried again this morning to woo Rosie the Havanese again, to no avail.  Jabway had an early morning run through the grass while Giorgio and Dakota ran the trail. In the afternoon, Chief and Jace played, wrestled and rolled. Rufus and Inge practiced their synchronized rolling in the meadow. Matt missed Jabway but chilled with Chloe. Chloe was on a bark eating bonanza today. I had to cut her off for her own good!

July 22 – Petunia had beans this morning! She hopped her cute pug bum down the trail, so happy. Jimmy and Dakota put on some serious miles in the forest. Even Rio wanted to play with Jimmy today! It was puppy madness in the afternoon. Oscar, Jace and Rudy were nearly unstoppable! Jace ran out Olive, Jabway and Inge! Olive sprawled on the trail and looked like she might need to be carried home! Jabway was an adorable ‘Grandpa Jab’ and helped me wrangle puppies and entertain them.

July 23 – Dakota was a spectacular big bro today to little Jace. They played some serious stick. Rowdy had super beans and ran around with Sophie in the meadow. Stanley stuck close to Joey. In the afternoon, Matt and Jabway cavorted. Inge found something terrible to roll in and Giorgio was a perfect gentleman. Jaxon guest-starred and little Rosie climbed logs.

July 24 – Joey the Havanese and little Stanley had a ridiculous time together. There was much chasing, tackling and rolling around the trail. Giorgio and Rowdy trotted the new path while Dakota was on a stick mission. In the afternoon, Jabway helped wrangle puppies and new walk dogs. Baby Rudy bounced along and Cody had her first PSP walk. Chief helped make her feel welcome with many face kisses. Inge played with Chief, making them the odd couple of the year. Samantha had some extra beans she needed to work out!

July 25- Yay it’s Friday! It’s also my (Jacky) first day on the PSPW walks.  It was such a treat to have such great groups of walks.  Keiko, Joey, and Rosie (brown)were so amazing on the walk.  The three of them were all in sync and trooping along.  Rosie poodle just wanted to play with everyone.  I guess morning time walks get her all frisky!  Rowdy was a recall genius.  At the drop of his name he was right back at my side.  It was Tonka’s first walk today and she did quite well.  She just wants to share her treats with everyone! On the afternoon walk I had a great group again!  Dior and chloe had fun romping around the forest.  They tried to get the rest of the group playing…unsuccessfully.  Rufus is such a little gem of a dog.  He stuck by my side the whole time!

Rio and Jabway had fun rolling around in the meadow, getting nice and comfy in the long grass!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Daycare – July 21 to 25, 2014

Daycare Diary 

July 19 - Kiyo was so thrilled to be working on a pet project, she could hardly contain her excitement. It was a lazy morning for miss Mila, gotta love lazy weekends!

July 21 – Watson and Eddie, the home boarding buddies, were so happy to be going on a walk together. Lots of kisses and waggie butt’s to go around. Rusty was so excited and happy to see his fav daycare staff (Tiffany) BEST BUDS!! Ivy, Bondi and Joey had a three way play party, chasing each other around and around… what a lucky boy joey is :) . Maya and Penny were all tuckered out after morning walks and fell into a deep sleep. Tonka and Cody had loads of fun playing in daycare together. We put the, in their own pen and they made use of all that space! Frankie the puppy made a new best friend…Molly!

July 22- Jace and River had some solo playtime in the front pen. Nonstop wrestling – they should be very tired  for their parents! Tonka and Oscar were doing some “downward dog” yoga poses for the other dogs. They were trying to teach them so they’d join in. Rosie and Stanley had a great sesh for most of the morning. I think they are in love! After some crazy playtime at lunch everybody passed out for a snooze.

 July 23- Maisie fell instantly in love with Ernie. A little bit of rain didn’t scare any of the dogs at the TPSB’s. It was walks for everyone. Kai was so happy to do a pet project today. He showed off all his cool moves, making everyone smile. Mia was the daycare hussy today – she stole kisses from all the boys. Lulo and Ocho were all about the snuggles, as per usual so was Maya, Davis and Katie. Ty and Max both got some manly haircuts. They came strolling in from the groom room looking fresh!

July 24- It’s puppy day at the petshop! With Jace, Lola, Laika, Chief, Cody, River, Ella and Tonka. Best day ever!! Finchley was so snuggly this morning, wanting cuddles from all the staff. Elio and Eddie played a game of tag. Rowdy took a liking to the loveable Jelly. It was all games and fun times for these two. Around noon everyone’s energy levels dropped a bit, but I have a feeling everyone will re-energize soon. Ruby and Jace had a blast wrestling this afternoon. Ruby also showed off her feisty side today.

July 25- Abby found a branch twice the size of her on her walk. She insisted on bringing it along for a stroll. Crazy girl!! The little dog pen was on fire this morning with Stanley, Joey, Bella and Winter all going into hardcore play mode. Pinky caught a case of the zoomies on his afternoons walk.  He tried to get the other pugs Pippin and Petunia to join but they were too tired. Oscar and Abby found puppy love this morning. They played nonstop in the big dog pen.

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Adventure Beach Run – July 21 to 25, 2014

Adventure Beach Rum Diary

July 21- Today was quite the little adventure!  Started off with Ebony and Selkie taking turns running ahead of the pack on the trail to check out the scene ahead for us.  They were nice and frisky on the beach as well.  Everyone was ready for their close up pictures.  Jersey takes the cake for best photo however.  That precious grin filled with sand just kills me.  Sydney was having a great time fetching sticks and having a little laydown chew.  Bailey and Rex were the water doggies.  They barely touched the sand unless they saw treats being handed out to the other dogs.  We ran into another big pack of dogs on the beach and everyone was on their best behaviour! Well done!

July 22 – What a glorious day at the dog beach it was today! Mr Buddy and Miss Ebony had their own little private dog club going on, they played with each other throughout the entire hike but would not let any of the other doggies join in? I think Buddy want Miss Ebony all to himself! Selkie found a medium size stick and amused herself for 45 mins with it, she threw it up in the air,  caught it , then tossed it again – this went on for a while, I didn’t want to disturb her, she was having way to much fun. Sydney and Bailey went for a dip and Mr Giorgio’s favourite new thing is to lay down in the creek and not move for 15 mins (trust me I tried to get him up, but he was enjoying the cooling off)

July 23 – I got all excited when I saw Mr Jimmy on my list today! it was his first ABR and he made the most of it!! Miss Ebony decided to chase the swallow’s that were swooping down and around her (I think they wanted her to chase them too) Luna was in full form and between Lucy and Selkie is was girl power all the way! girls on wild more likely. We just ended the hike when the rain came so talked about good timing!

July 24 – Happy Thursday! Hurray we missed the rain again, not that the dogs mind but I do! I am so glad Miss Dior got to tag along the hike today because Mr Rex would of been heart broken. Those two are the best of buddies and chased each other far into the surf – love birds. Miss Selkie exploded onto the grass part of the dog off leash area, she had the zoomies and ran around in circles until Miss Lucy and Miss Ebony joined in the chase then the party really started. Mr Bailey kept finding a smelling patch of grass or sand and preformed his famous “I am rolling onto my back and start wiggling allot moves” very cute.

July 25 – Happy Friday! Today the tide was all the way out and the dogs went nuts! Miss Billie made a B-line straight for the water as soon as I let her off leash. Miss ebony and Miss Selkie found the most smelliest dead things on the beach and rolled in every single one! actually most of the dogs did today, the beach was soooo smelly they all couldn’t resist, it was too tempting. Lucy had the zoomies and made Mr Sydney chase her, she was persistent. Matt decided to drag a giant tree across the beach, very ambitious.

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Adventure Beach Run – July 14 to 18, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

July 14 – We are SO lucky that the tide is STILL out! So far!! And so awesome!! The tide pools were very warm making it very nice to run through.  Speaking of running, Sydney and Rex were on fire today.  They were like bandits who had just robbed a bank or something! Running so fast together and chasing after the large blue herons! Ebony was the opposite.  She swam the most she has ever swam.  It was too cute! Laying down in the tide pools just taking in the sun rays! Selkie and Jersey were so funny…The two of them were eating a seafood lunch.  They would grab a piece of long green seaweed and swing it in the air and chase after it.  I have found mister Bailey’s other weakness other than rocks.  He will do anything for you if you just use your feet to splash water at him so he can lunge after it.  He’s such a monkey!

July 15 – I (Jacky), was lucky enough to do the beach run yet again! And yet again, the conditions were fabulous!  Bailey, Selkie, Sydney, Ebony, Georgie and Buddy accompanied me today and we had TOO much fun! Bailey ran from tide pool to tide pool seeing if he could be the fastest one to reach them…which he was of course.  Selkie’s recall was absolutely fantastic.  She got ahold of some crabs but with a little coaxing she let them go! Good girl! Ebony and Buddy had a ton of fun wading in the tide pools.  They were practicing their swimming skills.  It definitely made me smile to see them do this.  Georgie was such a gem.  She would run and get her zoomies out then come right back to my side for some treats! And last but not least, Mister Sydney was once again on the greeting committee for our pack.  No dog or person was left without a “hello”.  In between that he was working on his tan!

July 16 – My first day back from Toronto the doggies welcomed me back with a fun day in the sun! Miss Luna and Miss Dior were having a ton for fun in the surf chasing each other, even Mr Toby wanted to join in on the fun (he was feeling a little left our and a bit jealous) Selkie and Ebony were on the hunt for seaweed and shells, with the tide on it’s way out there were lots of smelling things left behind all over the beach. Rio went for a dip to cool off and lots of natures cocktails (a under ground stream that pops up on the beach) that the dogs where slurping up to stay hydrated on this hot beach day.

July 17 – The heat actually decided to die down a bit today! Nice little break from the heat wave we have been having.  Tide was high and Rex and Bailey loved it! The two of them swam and swam until they couldn’t swim any more! Dior and Rio had a nice fancy lunch on the beach that consisted of a small taster of greens and succulent Vancouver native sea shells.  Pippin showed managerial skills and watched over everyone, making sure that we all enjoyed ourselves.  Giorgio was displaying amazing heeling skills.  He was my best buddy, keeping by my side.  How nice of him!

July 18 – What a lovely Friday we have had.  Started off with Matt and Ebony running through the forest and on the trail.  They did so well keeping up to the rest of the pack and staying right by our sides.  Their recall couldn’t have been better!  Luna was so cute today.  She was trying so hard to get her boyfriend Sydney to play with her and finally at the end he gave in because of her precious persistence.  Sydney definitely has a twinkle in his eye for miss Luna.  The lovely Rio was such a cuddle monster on the beach and a racer on the big grass patch. Trying to get everyone running around.  I’m sure all the dogs will agree, it was a great way to end the week!

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – July 14 to 18, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

July 14 – Jace has so much energy, it really boggles my mind. Even in the heat, he chased Stanley, played stick games with Dakota and even got Rowdy running! I was tired watching him! Miss Rosie was courted by Stanley. She was having none of it, but enjoyed her off-leash time with Joey. In the afternoon, Jabway and Matt wrestled for five seconds before deciding it was too hot and just lay in the grass, kicking each other in the face. Rufus and Inge went for synchronized rolling in the grass.

July 15 – Joey and Stanley were very popular on the trail today. Rowdy was Rosie the Havanese’s escort. Pepper did her best to contain her enthusiasm. In the afternoon, Samantha and Inge got some extra time off-leash as baby Rudy and little Oscar the Woodle  were practicing their leash walking skills. Olive sprawled herself on the trail between sprints. Jabway played this funny game with Oscar where Oscar tried to lick his lolling tongue and Jabway tried to lick  Oscar in the ear. Dogs are weird.

July 16 – Jace impressed everyone again with his energy in the summer heat. He and Chief had a great romp. Rowdy and Dakota were pretty low-key and Joey was my wingman all day. In the afternoon Finnegan alternated between chasing Leo and licking Matty’s teeth. Jabway and Matt agreed it was far too hot to play and just smelled ferns together. Inge practiced her parkour and tumbling.

July 17 – Rosie was smitten this morning with Joey the Havanese. He is pretty darn cute. He had a field day running with Dakota and Stanley. Rowdy found himself a swimming hole for a dunk. In the afternoon, Samantha was a wild woman! She was flying down the trail with Inge in hot pursuit. Virgil had a great first PSPW. Sophie desperately wanted to play with baby Rudy, but he isn’t big enough to be off-leash yet.

July 18 – Prim and Jimmy had a great stroll in the park today. Joey the Havanese gave Leo a run for his money while Keiko and Bella bounced own the trail. In the afternoon, Jabway surpirsed everyone, maybe even himself, by participating in a game of parkour with Inge and Miles. He hopped up on stumps and sat for a cookie! Chloes rolled in every kind of dirt she could find while Olive sprawled, spent, on the path. Pippin provided the proper supervision for everyone.

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