Pacific Spirit Park Walk – January 12 to 16, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

January 12 – This morning Rowdy and Dakota were both full of energy and played catch for most of the walk, Zoe was super jealous and wanted to try to steal the sticks from both of the boys. Pepper wasn’t going to be swayed by any play and just wanted to focus on getting her exercise. Stanley and Joey both were  a little chilly and had to play with each other to warm up.   In the afternoon the best buddies Jabway and Matt were all about digging holes; The group of Sydney, Ivy, Chamaco & Rufus were full of play and all took turns off-leash playing together.

January 13 – Dakota found a squeaky ball on the trail today and passed it back and forth with Rowdy, Louis and Penelope were both very distracted by Rowdy and Dakota’s ball and kept walking into each other. Tonka and Olive both got some time off leash to work on their recall. Sniper, Sydney and Ivy all got time off-leash to race up and down the path making everyone all very dizzy; Joey and Stanley were still a little cold despite the sunshine, and formed a little cuddle puddle to keep warm while the other dogs played. We were also joined by Drexel for the first time, and he was trying very hard to take in all the sights and sounds.

January 14 – It was a cold morning today, and Miss Penelope was not too happy to be out in it, she just wanted to stay warm inside. Rowdy and Dakota were up to their usual antics of playing with any sticks they could find. Rolo joined us for the first time today, and whipped Tonka and Pepper into a puppy play puddle and continued all walk! In the after noon Miles and Matt were our balls of energy, and Miles even tried to herd the rest of the pack to walk faster! Jersey was very vocal and energetic today but she wasn’t feeling like playing with any of the other dogs today, so she just kept Jabway company who was feeling a little stiff and sore.

January 15 – We started off the day today a little wet, but that didn’t discourage Penelope and Joey from digging themselves a little hole, Georgie and Dakota meanwhile were playing fetch and tackling each other in the bushes. Pepper and Rowdy stayed on-leash and had their own little “Date” ignoring the other dogs. In the afternoon we had The twins Sydney and Chamaco who both were full of beans and insisted on trying to tie their leashes in knots, Rio and Dior were their regular goofy selves and chased each other across the reservoir. Jabway was taking it easy today, as he wanted to give his paws a break; and last but not least Sniper was super excited about trying out the new trail and must have ran a million miles exploring everything!

January 16 – This lovely morning we started off with Pepper and Henry getting their off-leash time, followed up by Tonka putting the finishing touches on her off-leash skills, who knows she might just be next weeks off-leash star! Pippin and Penelope just took it easy today and played with the leaves and sticks on the ground. During our second walk Jabway and Rio spent their time blazing their own trails beside the path and refused to take the easy way. Bailey decided it was time for a dirt facial and rolled around as much as he could, he even try’d to share with Joey, Stanley and Sydney who were not interested!

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Adventure Beach Run – January 12 to 16, 2015

Adventure Beach Run Diary

January 12 – The beach babes were amazing today! Dior and Rio played full on chases up and down the beach and through the woods. Rubu was close on the girls heels all afternoon. Bailey, Ebony and Buddy made tones of new friends at the beach, happy kids!

January 13 – Miss Zoe had so much fun at the beach today, she ran and ran never getting tired… well maybe a bit tired. Ruby was happy Zoe came along for the ABR as they played non stop. Bailey boy found a gigantic stick in the water and pulled it ashore. Selki made friends with a ball chasing dingo type and she ran her heart out.

January 14 – I was sooo excited to see that Mr Tucker was on my pick up list today!!! and he made up for it by romping around and chasing with his best friends. Luna, Ruby and Toby were inseparable, they basically chased each other for the entire walk, BFF’s forever I say. Miss Ebony found a very smelly pile of sand that she insisted on rolling in, she wouldn’t even come from a treat when I called her, that how smelly it was! Mr Jace played hard with the pack today, he was not letting anyone rest up, he brought his game.

January 15 – The rain was coming down but it didn’t dampen the pups spirits. Jace spotted a stick in the water and   swam out to it like a pro. Ruby and Selkie were good friends today and ran up and down the beach with great speed. Bailey finally got me to pick up a rock and was over excited at the idea. Buddy was very vocal today and tried his very best to get a play mate.

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Daycare – January 12 to 16, 2014

Daycare Diary

January 12 – Its Monday morning and the dogs are full of energy and ready to play! New puppy, Eddie, has already become best friends with little Sheine. They have been playing all morning and they don’t show signs of stopping. In the big pen we have the rowdy bunch; Huxley, Copper Bentley, Chamaco and Pepper; playing and talking about weekend events.

January 13 – It’s a full house in daycare today. Another new puppy, Snickers, has joined our daycare pack. Although little Daisy hasn’t been in daycare for a while, she is so smart and totally rocked her Pet Project this afternoon.

January 14 – Today has been more of a quiet day yet there has been plenty of excited talk from Lucy, Miles, Chamaco and Rooney. Sheine was amazingly adorable, as always. She found London to be her cuddle buddy for the day. All day the big black dogs, Rooney, Chamaco, Rolo, Verdot and Pepper, were full of beans and bouncing off one another.

January 15 – Every doggy seemed pretty mellow today which was great for us daycare girls. Of course there is always a few puppies to bring some energy and excitement to daycare. Today it was Rolo and Huxley in the big pen and lil’ miss Sheine running around with Coco in the small pen.

January 16 – Its a Friday and you can tell its going to be a crazy day at the Pet Shop Boys. Eddie and Rolo were playing until they put themselves to sleep. Chamaco and Tonka had a good roll around with Bentley. Three big dogs in the back pen added to the excitement today. Prim Rose, George and Henry were loving some play time with all the other daycare dogs. What gentle giants!

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Pet Projects – December 2014

Everyday in Daycare our staff set aside quality time to work with our doggy clients 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Secrets, etc.

We also teach some really great games that dogs LOVE such as Fetch & The Sniffing Game! This is everyone’s favourite part of the day and our TPSB staff get so much enjoyment from interacting with your dog and watching him/her learn and practice new skills. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

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Daycare – January 5 to 9, 2014

Daycare Diary

January 5 - Its great to see Bentley, London, Miles, Sydney, Olive and Dexter after their Holiday breaks from daycare. We have a new puppy friend in today, Nika, Rolo & Shina and they are making good playmates with the other puppies Kimo & Otis.

January 6 - Zuzu and River were the girls of the morning! Size didn’t matter in this case and ZuZu made it clear by sitting on Rivers head. We are seeing double today in daycare! Huxley looks like a smaller Zoe, Rollo is a hairier River.  Sheine is a puppy french bulldog the same breed as Zuzu.

 January 7 - LaFawnda and Joey were full of energy and  caused a commotion in the small pen while playing this morning. Rolo and Bentley have become best buds and could hardly keep their paws off each other. As always, Chamaco brought some energy into the big dog pen which was reciprocated by Rolo, Bentley and Rooney!

January 8 – A gang of puppies; Rolo, Bentley, Copper and Frodo; were playing up a storm this morning! Ebony found Mr. Elio to be very handsome and she joined him in some wiggley floor play. Casey had her 1st day and was a bit shy but had warm welcomes from Ollie, Lucy and Hudson.  Sheine has managed to charm us all yet simultaneously break our hearts as we can’t take her home at the end of the day.

January 9 – Our old friend Laika came to daycare today and Lucy and Millie were beyond excited to play with her…Even Joey couldn’t resist her charm. Meanwhile in the big dog pen, Bentley and Laika were getting rowdy with Rowdy. It was just the three of them today but they made perfect playmates and kept each other entertained. Tommy won us over with his adorable eyes and calm nature. He caught the eye Bentley who tried and tried to play with him on our walks.

January 1o – Booboo, the new foster pug was in daycare today for the first time. This happy little guy made many new friends and put a smile on everyone’s face. Frodo and Zoe were very into each other in the afternoon and they gave each other enough “play bows” to last for days!

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