Pacific Spirit Park Walk – Oct 20 to 24, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

October 20 – The day started off a little rainy so Joey and Stanley had their rain coats on! Rowdy and Jace had a bit of a play together which was fun to watch. Laika and Dakota were happy to be out today! The sun decided to show up for the afternoon today! I had the pleasure of walking the gentle giant Prim Rose. Sydney and Lucy had a great run around in the meadow today. Jabway and Matt wanted to chase some squirrels today and we had Pippin join us today for the walk on this beautiful day!

October 21 – We were graced with the sun again today which was awesome. Pepper and Tonka had a great time with each other today. Bailey and Dakota were digging up a storm today! Tucker had a good run around today. Rowdy just hung around today. Sniper climbed a stump today and conquered it. Tucker and Bailey got 2 walks today, a couple of lucky guys! Ebony was as sweet as ever. Jabway led the way for us today and Sydney had a good run around . All in all it was a good day with the rain staying at bay for us.

October 22 – Joey, Stanley, Jace, Rowdy, Dakota, Leo and I had a boys day out today! So as you can imagine their was a line up to pee hahaha. We also tried a new to me trail called the imperial trail. I really enjoyed it and will try it again. It was a lot of fun in the sun! The sun remained for the afternoon for us. Jabway, Jersey, Olive, Matt, and Sophie all enjoyed some off leash run around time. Tonka was very content with her stick.

October 23 – We had a big down poor this morning but that didn’t break our spirit for a good walk! Shiloh, Hana, Pepper and Dakota were fighting for the lead. Rowdy and Lucy just took it easy today. I had the priveledge of walking the 3 giant ladies Rio, Dior, and Prim rose.Sniper had to watch out not to get stepped on today haha! Chloe decided to play in a big puddle and get super dirty along with Jabway. But we all had fun and the rain cleared up for us which was great.

October 24 – Today i had the pleasure of meeting Huxley , he is an awesome guy. Joey and Stanley enjoyed some running around time. Ebony was as sweet as ever. Tonka was enjoying all the scents of the forest. Chloe was the only lady with us today. Sydney and Tucker had a great play off leash today. Matt enjoyed some digging today along with Leo. Jabway was a good boy today on the trails with his manners. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Adventure Beach Walk – Oct 20 to 24, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

October 20 – Happy Monday! Mr Tucker is back on the hikes and making up for lost time!! He had the best time with Miss Selkie, she remembered him for the mountain hike days and it was like no time had passed. Ebony and Buddy where their usual love bird couple selves. Buddy was Miss Ebony’s shadow and followed her everywhere, no kiss and tell. Today was the only day that I have even seen Mr Bailey not swimming, he was more interested into hanging out with the doggy pack. Took some great pictures and videos below.

October 22 – This was a great ABR crew today! Of course Mr Toby and Miss Luna started the party off to a great start with a fun game of chase that ended up getting the rest of the doggy crew to join in like Miss Selkie and Mr Tucker. Everyone was hooping like a bunny, very cute indeed. Miss Billie was waiting patiently for me to throw a stick or splash some water her way. Miss Ebony Chanel insisted that once we arrived at the watering hole she needed to lay down in the water for a relaxing mineral water spa treatment!

October 23 – It was sooooo great to see Mr Leo again, it’s been a while since we last saw him on a ABR he it was like he never left, he brought fun factor to our hike today. There was allot of digging in the sand looking for some doggy treasures. It was a crew of blonds (Leo, Pippin, Buddy, Tucker, Bailey) all boys, then there was Miss Ebony Chanel (Black) who had all the boys to herself today, but she was only interested in one, can you guess! it was Mr Buddy of course!!

Adventure Beach Run Pictures

 Adventure Beach Run Videos

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Daycare – Oct 20 to 24, 2014

Daycare Diary

October 20 – The daycare was a bit empty today but the big dogs made up for it with extra energy! Sammi made friends with Shea, Gertie and Ruby had had some goofie play. All the while the 3 youngsters Lola, Jace and Laika ran around like crazy teenagers.

October 21 – We were all so happy to welcome Oggie to the Pet Shop family. He seemed just as happy to be here too! Energies were high with some bouncy play and zoomies from all the dogs in the back this morning. Harlow was feeling frisky trying to play with Katie and Mia. Nice to see the little ones playing! Verdot and Pepper are best pals, continuously playing all day long. Until Verdot had to go for a nap, a well deserved one at that! A sight I’ve never seen in daycare… two poodley puppies fast asleep! Bentley and Pepper were all tuckered out after the last walk and a day full of play!

October 22 – It’s like an agility course out on our first walk today. Twigs and branches all around from last night’s wind storm. As usual, Jazzy, Sophie and Bentley were having a blast. One big ball of brown fur! Sultan made a special appearance today and was loving the great choice of friends he had to play with!

October 23 - The rain had the dogs feeling frisky. It was a kissing fest in here! Jace, Winter, Mia and Stevie were dishing them out! We’ve never seen Keiko so full of beans. She was spinning and jumping around with Jacky. Very adorable indeed! Violet was not afraid of any puddle, no matter the size. She was a fearless walker today. Bondi couldn’t keep his paws off Violet today. Good thing she was more than willing to play right back!

October 24- Our beloved foster child Freyja was having a ball playing with Dior and Prim in the back pen. Bentley and Pinky were fast friends, bonding over oodles of playtime. Henry was very passionate today, voicing his opinions proudly.

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October’s Hottie of The Month – Mr Pepper

Everyone needs a sprinkling of Pepper to spice up their life. Here at The Pet Shop Boys we prefer our ‘Pepper’ in the form of one curly haired cutie. A poll was taken in the daycare where all the pups were asked if they preferred a dose of Pepper in their daily life. The results are in and it is unanimous, literally everyone is pro Pepper. He’s handsome, well mannered, funny and a friend to all. The glowing recommendations don’t stop there, many accounts of his intellect have been boasted by proud staff at The Pet Shop Boys In fact he got the elusive five star rating on his latest pet project. This is a little man set for great things, Pepper is never short of positive reviews.

The burning question on everyone’s snout is of course ‘Who is the ‘salt’ to our much loved Pepper?’.  It is undoubtedly Miss Rosie. There is rarely a moment you wont see these two besties complimenting one another. It is all play and no rest for this popular duo. Taking the buffet of good things about Pepper into consideration The Pet Shop Boys are proud to bestow our Michelin Star ‘Hottie of the Month’ on the very deserving Mr Pepper.

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Adventure Beach Run – Oct 14 to 17, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

October 14 – Mr Elio joined in on the fun on his first ABR! he brought the fun factor. Him & Miss Dior were best buddies with lots of who can catch me first! I am faster than you! and let’s splash around in the ocean together! Buddy and lady Ebony Chanel were very cute, it was almost like their were on a date together, very romantic and playful. Bailey and Rio hit it off again rolling all over each other. It was a great doggy day all around.

October 15 – It was a rainy/sunny day.  It was odd weather but the dogs had a blast.  Selkie and Luna were the first ones to run into the water.  While they were playing Toby found a bush filled with spurs and rolled in it.  Thanks Toby!  Ebony, Rio and Georgio were pretty calm today.  They all loved the treat game!  Especially Ebony trying to pose for every picture as she knows she gets a treat!

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