October’s Hottie of The Month – Mr Pepper

Everyone needs a sprinkling of Pepper to spice up their life. Here at The Pet Shop Boys we prefer our ‘Pepper’ in the form of one curly haired cutie. A poll was taken in the daycare where all the pups were asked if they preferred a dose of Pepper in their daily life. The results are in and it is unanimous, literally everyone is pro Pepper. He’s handsome, well mannered, funny and a friend to all. The glowing recommendations don’t stop there, many accounts of his intellect have been boasted by proud staff at The Pet Shop Boys In fact he got the elusive five star rating on his latest pet project. This is a little man set for great things, Pepper is never short of positive reviews.

The burning question on everyone’s snout is of course ‘Who is the ‘salt’ to our much loved Pepper?’.  It is undoubtedly Miss Rosie. There is rarely a moment you wont see these two besties complimenting one another. It is all play and no rest for this popular duo. Taking the buffet of good things about Pepper into consideration The Pet Shop Boys are proud to bestow our Michelin Star ‘Hottie of the Month’ on the very deserving Mr Pepper.

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Adventure Beach Run – Oct 14 to 17, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

October 14 – Mr Elio joined in on the fun on his first ABR! he brought the fun factor. Him & Miss Dior were best buddies with lots of who can catch me first! I am faster than you! and let’s splash around in the ocean together! Buddy and lady Ebony Chanel were very cute, it was almost like their were on a date together, very romantic and playful. Bailey and Rio hit it off again rolling all over each other. It was a great doggy day all around.

October 15 – It was a rainy/sunny day.  It was odd weather but the dogs had a blast.  Selkie and Luna were the first ones to run into the water.  While they were playing Toby found a bush filled with spurs and rolled in it.  Thanks Toby!  Ebony, Rio and Georgio were pretty calm today.  They all loved the treat game!  Especially Ebony trying to pose for every picture as she knows she gets a treat!

Adventure Beach Run Pictures

Adventure Beach Run Videos

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – Oct 14 to 17, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Diary

October 14 – Well what a wonderful long weekend we had.  The rain luckily stopped for us early on in the day so we were able to stay nice and dry! It was Andrew’s first day on the job and he did amazing! Laika entertained us by burying her face in the tall grass and Tonka and Rowdy were digging some nice holes. Dakota and Pepper were on their best behaviour and Mister Pippin got to be off leash for two walks! In the afternoon, Lucy, Stanley and Sydney toured around the forest while Giorgio and Joey stayed calm and collected.

October 15 – What a rainy Wednesday! This didn’t slow anyone down though as usual.  We ended up exploring a different trail today and the dogs seemed to like it! Jace and Stanley were having a great time being free off leash while Rowdy and Dakota were having “marking their territory” wars.  Laika was a very hyper little girl which Joey was not impressed with- he had some choice words for her.  Matt, Jabway, and Tonka played in a big puddle as Sophie ran around.  Miss Olive wanted soooo badly to play with Sophie.  Little Miss Rosie spent some quality time with Jacky. Extra kisses for her!

October 16 -Today we had Bailey, Buddy, and Ebony on both walks so they were super tired by the end. Laika, Rowdy and Dakota kept it interesting today buy burying their faces in a small bush. I guess something smelled good! Pepper expressed her enjoyment with a small howl. Jabway and sniper caught a big scent in the air today. Giorgio had a chillin walk today!

October 17 – Well what a rainy day today but that didn’t stop my troops and I ! We had great cover under the awesome tree canopy of the beautiful pacific spirit park. Laika had the time of her life with a couple sticks and enticed Tucker to dig with her. Rio had her eye’s peeled to the trees the whole time looking for squirrels. Joey was a ladies man today hanging out with Ebony and Bella. Ebony was super lucky with 2 walks today! Sydney , Rosie and Chloe had some fun off leash time in the meadow. Jabway and Nacho tried to dig out some roots of a small tree, overall it was an exciting day!

Pacific Spirit Park Pictures

Pacific Spirit Park Videos


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Daycare – Oct 14 to 17, 2014

Daycare Diary

October 14 – Its a full house here today at The Pet Shop Boys doggy daycare. All of the dogs were extra playful today! They were rested and acting like turkeys after thanksgiving weekend. Pinky was looking up to Penelope like she was his big sister. He wouldn’t leave her side on the last walk of the day.

October 15 – Another full house here today! The rains are also upon us, but that wouldn’t slow down this crew. Poodle puppy playtime is back in action today with Sophie, Bentley and Pepper getting along like best friends. Lucy is the newest addition to the big dog pen and is getting on smashingly making new pals with everyone.

October 16 – Love, cuddles and kisses all round for Stanley and Rosie. Such sweet young love. Buddy and Bentley were also fighting for the attentions of the beautiful Miss Rosie. It was cozy cuddles in the back pen for all the big dogs after the last walk today. There were so many great smells for Sammi to sniff this fine day. Her head didn’t leave the ground the entire walk.

October 17 – Spirits were high despite the rain today. Nothing, not even lack of sunshine will get these pups down. The big dog pen was full of beans this morning. We had London, Leo, Jazzy, Dior, Bo and Bentley all running a muck. Verdot arrived ready and raring to play and play and play some more. Everyone was so well behaved today it was a real pleasure for the staff at The Pet Shop Boys to care for the pups today.

Daycare Pictures

Daycare Videos

Daycare Pet Projects

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The Latest – Styling Poooches @ TPSB September 2014

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