Daycare – September 2 to 5, 2014

Daycare Diary

September 2nd – It was a rainy Tuesday and all the dogs sported rain jackets with style. Cali had the zoomies all day despite the sad weather. Way to keep everyone’s spirits up, Cali! The rain definitely calmed the pack down and there were lots of naps all around.

September 3rd – The ever popular Jace was charming all the ladies today, showing off his squirrel spotting skills to all the group. Charlie was giving lots of love to Winter. He really loves the little ones. Cookie got a haircut and seemed to enjoy his new found freedom by bouncing around and playing with Eddie.

September 4th – It was super playful in the back pen all day. For the most part Laika and Penelope (Bull) were out playing one and all. Some very well received neck scratches were given to Cookie. He couldn’t get enough of them! Calypso was dancing for her lunch today. She definitely deserved her meal, that’s for sure.

September 5th – Pepper and Cali were best of buds this morning. Even though Cali was excited, baby Pepper had no problem Jumping into a great play session. The bubble game came out this morning and had the dogs very interested. Laika, Jace, Ruby, Pepper and Tucker were all into the game. Cali and Zoe had lots of fun rolling around on the floor playing together. Rowdy was feeling very loved up today and the lucky lady was the beautiful and very attractive strawberry blonde Zoe.

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Daycare – Sept 15 to 19, 2014

Daycare Diary

September 15 – Jaxon couldn’t contain his excitement this morning. He was so happy to see daycare staff and get ready for his walk. Davis and Mackenzie both welcomed Miss Ebony back into daycare with waggely tails. Rosie gives kisses to everyone in daycare. Such a loving little girl. A very mellow Monday morning. Everyone is happy to lie around and get pet. Lola turned many dogs into puppies. Her, Molly and Buddy couldn’t stop playing. Tanner was full of energy and had kisses for all the big dogs. I think he has a crush on Dexter.

September 16 – Pepper and Jazzy couldn’t get enough of each other today. The puppy energy was through the roof. The big puppies were full of noise today and were more than willing to share! Pepper, Tonka and Jabway were so busy playing all day that they needed a nap. Stanley was getting all the attention with his dapper haircut. Charlie would not leave his side.

September 17 – Lola and Jazzy joined the big dog pen and got the party started! Rigley and Rooney were satisfied playing with each other all day! It’s hard to say if either of them got tired. McDuffy had a good roll and scratch on the grass during our walk today.

September 18 – Miles was full of energy and playing with 2 or 3 dogs at a time. Lucy and Bondi were well matched in size and energy. Naturally so much fun was had. River was a social butterfly, flitting from one play buddy to another all day. Jazzy, River and Lucy were playing like crazy and despite their larger size, Shea was in there getting his play on too. Jace and Dior had a bit of a romance, Dior just laid back and let Jace give her big kisses.

September 19 – It took a bit of encouragement to get Joey out the door for a walk first thing but it didn’t take long for him to start loving the morning stroll. Instant buddies were Bo and Rigley, what a cute play pair. Miko and Tucker were partners in crime this lovely day, too cute for words.

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September’s Hottie of The Month – Mr Rowdy

The name would suggest he’s a man of relentless partying, loud music and some serious attitude. Anyone who has been lucky enough to spend some quality time with this strapping lad would know better. He’s classic, well mannered and The Pet Shop Boy’s most eligible bachelor. A lover of long walks on the beach, relaxing in his favourite corner and sniffing trees.

Working to single handedly thwart the notion ‘True gentlemen are in short supply’, this man is one of a kind. In fact he is so chivalrous he carries his own leash. What a guy! It certainly doesn’t hurt that he also happens to be tall dark and handsome. Despite the risk of instigating worldwide panic to many love sick  puppies hoping to secure a meeting and the unavoidable collateral damage of broken hearts…Did we mention he’s single? Who is this mystery man you might ask? He’s the one and only Rowdy. Also known as The Pet Shop Boys Mr September Hottie of the Month.


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Adventure Beach Run – Sept 15 to 19, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

September 15 – What a great sunny day to start off the week.  The dogs had a blast today!  All the dogs were in the water except  Ebony.  Selkie won the olympic metal for swimming the most and the farthest.  Sydney and Elio did splash around and Ms.Jersey just went in the water up to her ankles.  Ebony did however find everything smelly to roll in on the beach

September 16 – I can’t believe it’s half way through September and it still feels like summer. Miss Ebony Chanel was a rollie pollie in the sand today, anything smelly she could get her fur onto, what a tom boy. Mr Bailey found a yummy crab and Miss Selkie went for a dip and never came out! It was great to have my entire doggy family with me on this walk, Pippin, Rio and Dior what a treat! Not looking forward to the rain later this week, but the digs are!

September 17 – It was a full crew today! but nobody was at the beach so we had it all to ourselves! Selkie and a stick that Miss Luna desperately wanted to play with, there is a really cute below of her but in the air staring at Selkie. Ebony again found a old camp fire that she had to roll all over! Toby had the zoomies and chased everyone all over the beach and Bailey stayed by my side the entire hike, what a cutie pie.

September 18 – Today we only had 3 dogs on our walk so I headed to MacDonald Beach for a very special treat. Lots of swimming in the river and then we headed for a long walk on the trail. Selkie and Ebony were BFF’s and it was very cute to watch. Mr Bailey was the goodwill ambassador of the park and had to stop and say hello to every single dog we bumped into, FYI he did a great job!

September 19 – “Here comes the rain again”, the tide was a little bit out today and that’s all we needed, that little piece of beach to play on. Giorgio was having a good sniff, taking his time, almost like tasting a good wine. Rio and Dior were nuts! exploding all over the place (I need to walk them more on my day off!) Bailey found a ball and that was then end of him, off he went to play with it and came back at the end of the hike. Ebony and Miss Selkie also went exploring on their own, secrets those two share.

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – Sept 15 to 19, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

September 15 – It was a beautiful day to start the week off.  Laika and Tonka were being girly girls today- yapping at each other and sharing sticks.  Giorgio was having a second breakfast of dirt…yum! Buddy had extra time off leash and was heeling amazingly! Jabway had lots to say this morning, I think Dakota was making him feel frisky!  The afternoon walk was full of little guys!  Rowdy was a great big brother to all the pups.  Jace played fetch pretty much the entire walk. He was a tired boy after.  Stanley and Rosie poodle couldnt keep their paws off each other, I think Joey got a little jealous.  Rosie put a smile on her face and trudged on like a good girl!

September 16 – Oh my goodness! Laika and Tonka were ridiculously inseparable today.  Trying to play with each other every step of the way.  Georgie girl was so excited to be off leash and playing with the ball.  I have never seen her SO excited.  Even Dakota couldnt contain himself watching her.  Rowdy and Pepper were both full of beans today and wanting to explore new areas.  Lucy was off leash but decided to stay back with mister Joey. What a great pal she is.  Giorgio walked the whole walk off leash.  Such a good boy. Jabway was literally jumping over Rosie and Sniper any opportunity he got.

September 17 – Oh my goodness!  The young puppies (Laika, Sophie, Jace, Tonka) on the morning walk were all bonkers today! It was like they were saving all their energy just for me and the leaves on the forest floor! Glad they had a good time! Rowdy and Dakota were good big brothers looking on and walking just perfectly!  Jabway and Olive were also the big brothers and sisters of their walk.   Olive had a great time running around with Stanley and Rosie poodle wanted nothing more than to join in the fun! Joey and Rosie were actually the ones greeting the other dogs on the trail.  Their favourite was a little french bulldog!

September 18 – Today was a day for practicing our sit- stays on the side of the trail.  Hardly no one was around because it was a rainy grey Thursday so this made for perfect conditions for practicing!  Dakota, Rowdy, Laika, Pepper, Tonka and Georgie were a que 100%!  I was also very proud of Georgies recall as well.  Before I finished saying her name she was already turned around and coming back to me! I had Keiko off leash for the first time and she did amazing!  The same with Sniper!  The rest of the troop Jabway, Penelope Giorgio and Oscar were pretty relaxed and slower moving today! I think it may have been the rain!

September 19 - What a gloomy Friday! But a little rain never hurt anyone! I had Rosie and Daisy off leash for the first time and they were awesome! Daisy stuck right by my feet almost the whole time.  Pippin, Petrie and Spike were getting all the attention on the walk from passerby’s because they look like triplets! They thoroughly enjoyed the extra love.  Laika was so happy to be digging in the trench along the trail.  She would fling herself down there and dig, dig, dig! There were more small dogs on the afternoon walk with the exception of Jabway and Chloe.  Chloe and Sydney had fun pretending to get excited to play with each other- pretty sure the rain slowed them down.  Lucy and Jersey had a good romp together sniffing out whatever they could. Virgil was a dancing little monkey, up on two legs everytime I reached for my treat pouch.  Jabway was on a mission to get back to the truck as dry as possible! Have a great weekend!

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