Daycare – May 16 to 20, 2016

Daycare Diary

May 16 – It was a cloudy morning here at TPSB but that didn’t stop Aisha from coming into daycare with lots of positive energy! Luckily Arne was already in daycare waiting for her to arrive. The two of them kick started all the fun and played until neither of them had any energy left. It looked so fun that the two shy ladies, Ella and Button started a game of their own together! Teddy tried his best to join the two ladies but sadly this was a “girls only” play date. Sydney happily let Teddy join him and Rex instead, the three of them had some quality bro bonding time. Prim Rose had all the company she needed today, relaxing with the two handsome labs Verdot and Rowdy! According to Addie and Ginger the day was a well deserved lazy Monday!

May 17 – Who else but Berkley would be nominated to wake the pack up for their morning walks. His pals Aisha, Turk and Arne, all assisted Berkley in getting the dogs ready and out the door. Upon arrival, Berkley and his friends were ready to rumble, tumble and play the day away. Apollo arrived with some major bed head and asked very kindly if Mia could give him the same hair do as hers. But Little Mia was too busy chatting it up with Little Mocha and Apollo had to ask Rex for some help. Unfortunately, Rex has never put a pony tail up for anyone, so he wasn’t very much help in the end. Sorry Apollo!

May 18 – It was a lovely Vancouver morning on the pack’s first walks of the day. All the dogs are anticipating their play time especially the big ones in the back, they could hardly sit still as if they have ants in their pants. But dogs don’t wear pants in daycare, so they must be doing a little dance for us. River and Frodo started us off strong and by adding Dior in the mix, everyone wanted to join in the fun. Including Doddle sisters, Zoe and Gabby. By lunch time all the dogs were done with playing with each other but all participated in the sniffers and bubbles game. Addie tried her hardest to teach the pack how to catch bubbles in the air, but couldn’t as the daycare filled with the distracting smell of beacon. Yummy!

May 19 – Addie and Abby were demonstrating how to respectfully play with other doggy friends. Tutors gave them whole pen to play together and rest of the dogs were busy all morning either watching their demo or going on a group walks. Rex asked very politely to hang out in the middle pen as he says he wants to play with the prettiest dog in daycare. He later instigated play with little Button, how sweet. Dexter and Pepper had a blast this morning on their walk at Pacific Spirt Park. They even had a bunch of “you just had to be there” inside jokes that made a lot of the daycare dogs jealous of there adventure. Some dogs like Ella and Chewie hope to visit PSP once the weather gets a little hotter, maybe this weekend?

May 20 – Zeppelin did not prepare himself for his morning at the doggy spa. He was so excited to see his friends at daycare that he forgot to bush his fur and clean his paws for the groomers. Luckily for Zeppelin, they can take care of it all for him. Abby had a full morning of play time with almost every dog. She is so versatile when it comes to play styles and even different sizes of dog she is playing with. Frodo, Bo, Aisha and Teddy all had an amazing first few hours of daycare because of Abby. That was until Berkley arrived it was a gong show of fluffy dogs running around the pens. He brought his high energy attitude, as always, and re-energized the dogs to play with him. So far it’s been a great start to the May long weekend.

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Daycare – May 9 to 13, 2016

Daycare Diary

May 9 – Most of the dogs showed up today with Monday morning bed head and no one seemed to cared about the way they looked. Addie was up to no good mischief with her pals Pepper and Aisha. The trio enjoyed teasing the smaller dogs from the big pen and showed off their amazing play skills to make the smaller dogs jealous. Lucie, the new Frenchie in daycare, sat back quietly as she was a bit shy during her first introductions to the pack. She immediately became friends with Ella and Rosie, and it looks like she even caught Pippin’s eye. When Berkley arrived he had no problem expressing his feeling about the hot weather we had over the weekend. Rowdy assured Berkley that he has not felt true heat until he becomes a 80lb Labrador with black fur. Apollo , who is a black poodle and Dexter who is a Lab, both agreed with Rowdy on this one.

May 10 – Miss Lucie our new Frenchie was definitely not shy today. She jumped right into the games, playing with Arne until their morning walk! Frodo and River had the same idea, spending their morning wrestling about. Things got even more exciting when Berkley stormed into daycare, challenging All the dogs to a game of tag. Stella the Husky, Louie and Prim Rose somehow managed to get a good snooze in even with all the other dogs playing.

May 11 – Scout and Aisha had front row seats to the epic match of Lucy the Frenchie VS Abby! Berkley was jumping in and out of the game, thinking he was a referee. Meanwhile in the front pen the rest of the dogs were playing a morning game of Sniffers! Our other Lucy in daycare was actually one of the top players for today. Addie gave a big smooch to all the dogs that won during the morning games, what a goof! Buttons was also a star today, looking super cute after her groom in the morning. However Apollo was convinced that he was still prettier with his new braids done by his doggie tutor, Shanice!

May 12 – It’s sunny and our doggie friends have lots of fun energy this morning! Mr. Berkley, Mr. Turk, and lady Ojai Cali are playing like they haven’t seen each other in years. Miss Aisha didn’t want to hang with the big dogs today, she was more interested in chilling out, relaxing, and taking lots of naps on the nice cool floor. LaFawnda had done a pet project where she had to army crawl across the floor for a few treats, which was no problem for her. Pepper and long time pal, Dexter, had an amazing walk on the PSPW, but unfortunately Pepper came back with his fur full of leaves and sticks, maybe he spent a lot of time rolling around. Oh silly Pepper! All the poochie’s had a great day in daycare and we look forward to seeing all their friendly faces on Friday.

May 13 – A great morning to kick off the weekend festivities. Ruby was a “chatty Cathy” all morning and even on her walk with Bella, Sydney, and Floyd. From the sounds of it, Ruby has big spring plans this weekend and she cannot wait to relax in the sun. Huxley is in today and he was so thrilled to play with his buddies Aisha and Berkley. Together they played and teased some of the larger dogs in the back pen like Scout and Bo. Tutors felt a little bad for the teased dogs, but let it happen anyways as some of the larger dogs need to get up and move more often. Beside it was quite funny to watch the younger dogs take over the big pen cuz the older dogs are too lazy. The afternoon brought some exciting games and fun pet projects to keep the pack busy for the rest of the day. Tutors tried their best to get the little dogs to catch bubbles but Ella and Button weren’t fans of the sound the bubble machine was making… Poor little dogs, maybe one day they can enjoy the bacon flavour bubbles.

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Adventure Beach Run Pet Projects – April 2016

Everyday on our Adventure Beach Runs Tutors set aside some great quality time to work with your doggs 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Touch, Under/Over Logs, including some fun agility lessons too!

Each Pet Project is broken down into baby steps leading us forward to a successful lesson completion. Once the dogs masters the trick we then pull out our camera and video tape what we have just accomplished to share with you on this blog.

Not only is this a lot of fun for our walkers and doggy crew but it really creates a strong bond between walker & dog as they learn and practice new skills together. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

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Daycare Pet Projects – April 2016

Everyday in Daycare our staff set aside quality time to work with our doggy clients 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Secrets, etc.

We also teach some really great games that dogs LOVE such as Fetch & The Sniffing Game! This is everyone’s favourite part of the day and our TPSB staff get so much enjoyment from interacting with your dog and watching him/her learn and practice new skills. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

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Daycare – May 2 to 6, 2016

Daycare Diary

May 2 – The week is starting off hot here at TPSB! Sophie was so glad to have the shade to nap in, away from the very rambunctious puppies. Aisha, Berkley, and Arne were inseparable the entire day, those three are sure going to sleep good tonight! Finchley got a very special treat and joined the big dogs on the Pacific Spirit Park Walk! Jersey seemed a little jealous but that didn’t last very long as her and Ebony went off to the beach together. Rex would have loved to join the ladies but he was far to busy trying to get Mr.Stanley’s attention, who was much more interested in relaxing than playing. Maybe next time!

May 3 – This has been a terrific sunny Tuesday at The Pet Shop Boys! Mia and Jersey are enjoying the start of their day by getting some good cuddles in before our morning walk. The three puppies Aisha, Huxley, and Arne are playing up a big storm in the back pen, tutors were trying their best not to disturb them. On our afternoon walk Mr. Eddie found a nice patch of grass to roll around on, while Chewie, Lola, and Mila just soaked up those sun rays. The class clown, Mr. Berkley, is just being his usual self, goofing around with Abby and the puppies, The tutors bet Berkley thinks he is still a puppy when he come to daycare, what a silly boy. Have a great day at daycare everyone.

May 4 – The spring showers didn’t stop this crazy pack of daycare dogs. In the back pen Rex is showing some love to the ladies, Zoe, River,and Rooney. And the boys, Tank, Huxley and Pepper couldn’t be happier getting rid of those girls just so they could have some quiet “bro” time together. Thank you Rex! It was a pleasure for Abby and Teddy to catch up on some well deserved play time as its been a while since they were both in daycare. They also conversed on the subject of their favourite dog parks, but tutors had no idea about the lingo or slang names they were talking about. Maybe one day the dogs can teach us. In the afternoon, Sophie (Brussels) and Chewie were happy to sit back, relax and watch the dogs make goofs of themselves in the middle pen. For example they got a good laugh at watching Petunia slowly fall asleep while standing, and Sophie (Doodle), well, she was trying her hardest to fit in the small crate for a quick nap. Unfortunately she couldn’t fit her self into the kennel, but you can see that she was trying her absolute best. The sun came out as most of the dogs were being picked up to go home, it was a great way to end this hump day.

May 5 – It was a calm and quiet morning in daycare, all the walks had gone smoothly with a lot of the dogs still trying to wake themselves up. But not Sophie who was bright-eyed and bushy tailed first thing this morning as today is her 17th birthday. The fun began in the big pen, and who else but Turk and Abby would lead the dogs into a crazy game of tag. Following them was Rex, Dior, Verdot and Tank, this is a very unlikely group of large dogs. Yet they all seemed to enjoy their time together. Reporting from the small pen was little Toby waiting to snuggle up to Mia and Jersey who were both sitting on top of the crates and he couldn’t reach them. When Berkley arrived the chasing game turned into a fluffy game of rolling on the ground. The kind of game that tutors cannot understand even if they tried.

May 6 – Friday already? Wow! This week went by quick and the dogs wish the playing would continue into the weekend. Bo and Huxley kicked the morning off with lazy play, this is when they play with no rules and sloppy moves. Cali was quick to join in the fun but made her way over to Berkley, who had just arrived to daycare, and engaged in play with him instead. Eddie was so excited to see his pal Rosie that he hid around the corner and pounced on Rosie to surprise her. She was not expecting her friend to greet her as so but was happy it was Eddie and not a monster. When asked what the weekend plans were most of the dogs in the pack answered beach time, sleeping in or wrestling with their owners. When the dogs asked the tutors about their weekend plans, they very had similar answers. Who would have thought?

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