Adventure Beach Run – December 8 to 12, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

December 8 – Happy Monday! Well all the dogs were full of energy today holy! We were practicing with Jace’s recall and he is getting way better! Tucker and Selkie met some friends to play chase with today which was fun! Buddy and Ebony met a pug on the beach and became best friends! Bailey was very excited to be at the beach today and went for a dip in the river. All in all it was an amazing Monday!

December 9 – Well so much for the big down poor today, it was all sunshine and super warm! We found a big lake today as some of the trail was flooded and everyone took part in running through it ! Dior met a boyfriend today on the beach and wouldn’t leave him alone. Rio did a lot of running up and down the beach. Jace showed us how good of a swimmer he is today while retrieving the sticks! Bailey barely left the water today he was content on just staying in the water haha! Tucker was all over today showing us his climbing skills, he is a pro for sure! Ebony decided to try a bit of swimming today , but i don’t think she enjoyed as much as the others!

December 10 – Well I guess we got that rain we were supposed to get yesterday! It was still fun at the beach though. Luna, Jace, Toby and Selkie had a blast chasing stick’s and swimming! Jace is very good at swimming, pretty sure he is a pro! Ebony was digging some holes today and one was bigger than her! Tucker was kind of doing his own thing today and exploring a bit. The trail was flooded today so we played in the big puddle for a bit , it was awesome!

December 11 – Well it was another super rainy day for us but we still had fun! Billie, Jace and Bailey had the time of their life chasing sticks through the giant puddle! Buddy met a new friend with Tucker today so of course they played chase ! Ebony had fun digging some holes today on the beach! So despite the path being flooded and the tide being high for most of our day , we found new places to have fun!!

December 12 – It was a nice sunny day today for us! We had a lot of fun today! Matt, Rio and Dior had a blast running and playing with each other . Ebony was all about digging holes today and then laying in them haha! Jersey and Tucker were chasing sticks and exploring the trails today. We enjoyed the nice day to the fullest and had a blast . We also met a couple of new friends along the way and we enjoyed their company!!

Adventure Beach Run Pictures

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – December 8 to 12, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

December 8 – Everyone on the morning walk was a little sleepy, Dior & Stanley were playing and wrestling ignoring their difference in size.  Rowdy was very very sleepy and took a nap in the meadow, Dakota and London tried their best to braid their leashes together. and Joey found himself the best mud to give him self a makeover. In the afternoon we all got a little wet because of the rain, but that can never discourage Matt and Jabway from playing (They’re best buddies) Ivy, Jersey and Sydney all dug a hole in the meadow and tried to bury little Lucy!

December 9 – A total monsoon this morning, Georgie had her raincoat with her today, but that didn’t stop her and Penelope from pulling Ty into a giant puddle for a swim, little Joey even came in after Ty to save him! Pepper, Dakota and Rowdy all played together once we got to the meadow and got everyone all tied up! Wow the sun managed to work its way through the clouds and now its a beautiful day, Jabway was leading the pack today and decided that himself and Sniper should  try to go for a swim in lake sized puddle, (too bad ty was watching and said not today!) Chloe was our master of escapes today and kept managing to slip away to find a little patch of mud to try to roll in; And the Trio of Sydney, Pepper and Ivy were full of energy and took turns playing with each other off leash.

December 10 -  Another rainy morning but that didn’t keep Zoe & Sydney from having a blast playing in all puddles! We had double the Joey again too, both of them were a little wet but had kept each other warm and comfy walking together! Rowdy and Dakota both were very full of energy and wanting to tease all the dogs that weren’t feeling like playing with them. In the after noon we had Ivy, Sophie, and Olive all playing together in the meadow.  A very crazy set of best friends Matt & Jabway who raced around the group while walking back to the truck, and a very drooly Lucy who just wanted to stay dry (As much as possible)

December 11 – Lots of rain again today, but that didn’t stop Penelope from going for a swim in a puddle. Georgie and Rowdy were super fun and have started to become great friends. Dakota, Pepper, and London all played some fetch in the meadow, taking turns over who got to return the stick! In the afternoon we had Sniper and Rufus leading the pack and they both had lots of fun playing with sticks and chasing each other. Jersey and Zoe had some “Girl Time” off in the meadow and tried to dig a hole to china! Jabway got to work on his off-leash work. Leo was a super excited and really wanted to get his chance off leash too!

December 12 – This morning love was in the air between Rosie and Pippin! Rowdy and Miles were running all around the pack and all through the creeks beside the path! Joey and Stanley kept the brotherly love going and kept wrestling all walk long! In the after noon we had Chloe and Jimmy digging up delicious mud and leaves to munch on. Sydney and Bailey were all about playing tag until they were both too tired to move; And Henry and Jabway were super playful, roughhousing in the meadow.

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Pictures

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Videos

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Daycare – December 8 to 12, 2014

Daycare Diary

December 8 – Ruby (Woodle) was very patient with Lola puppy jumping all over her. She actually seemed to really like the attention after a while. Little Mia’s first day back in daycare and boy did she have lots to say to everyone. Today Lola was playing so nicely with Chamaco while Gaspard hung back and took it all in his stride.

December 9 – Jasper was so happy and excited once the sunshine came out. He got the zoomies and ran all around the other dogs while on his afternoon walk. Stanley is the most popular dog in daycare today. Everyone including Hercules and Kimo can’t stop playing with him.

December 10 – It was a crazy fun day in daycare today. There was loads of fun all day including recall games, bubble games (which made all the dogs go bonkers) and Pet Projects. It was off the hook today. Prim Rose was a star at her Pet Project. She mastered all her tricks with a ball as a reward. Amazing!

December 11 – Stevie and Joey had a cute little play this morning. Miss Stevie danced around Joey until he finally gave in and rolled around on the floor with her. There was a strange amount of kissing in daycare. The moon must have been full or something. Eddie was kissing Maya as Elio and Mia were going for Mr Winter. So much love. Today Keiko has a very festive collar on with bells. It looks like some daycare dogs are jealous.

December 12 – Everyone was super excited to model the fabulous Christmas accessories for some festive photos today. It was a play puddle of fur today with  Pepper and Bentley rolling about. Showing off some skillful pet project moves was our very own starlet Bella.

Daycare Pictures


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The Latest – Styling Pooches @ TPSB November 2014

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Pet Projects – November 2014

Everyday in Daycare our staff set aside quality time to work with our doggy clients 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Secrets, etc.

We also teach some really great games that dogs LOVE such as Fetch & The Sniffing Game! This is everyone’s favourite part of the day and our TPSB staff get so much enjoyment from interacting with your dog and watching him/her learn and practice new skills. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

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