Adventure Beach Run Aug 18 to 22,2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

August 18 – Happy Monday! It was great to see all the ABR crew back after the weekend. Mr Bailey was full of beans and ran everywhere except straight, he was on a mission. Miss Jersey tagged along today and her and Ebony were besties. She was so excited to see Mr Bailey, she could not stop licking him in the back of the truck, lots of kisses. Miss Selkie found something very dead and smelly on the beach today, I managed to distracted her and lure her away from it, what a stinker. Mr Sydney spent most the the walk in the ocean swimming away, he was in bliss.

August 19 – What a fun day. It was all about the Great Danes today, Miss Rio, Dior & Primrose. All 3 ladies were getting allot of attention on the trails and at the beach, supper models all them. I took a very cute pictures of Miss Ebony Chanel and Miss Selkie together sitting on a pick nick table. Mr Bailey was in a very happy mood today, his tail wagged the whole time.

August 20 – Today there was only Bailey, Selkie and Miss Ebony on my walk. We had the best time, most of our walk was swimming in the tide. The water was warm and lovely and there was lot’s of plashing around. I also took some great pictures and videos of all the fun we had, enjoy!

Adventure Beach Run Video’s

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk Aug 18 to 22, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

August 18- Rosie and Joey were the best of pals this morning.  The two of them were posing for pics together and walked right along side each other.  Laika and Tonka were eager beavers, wanting to play with Jace (who got extra off leash time) and Dakota. In the afternoon, I had the delight of walking Finnegan.  She is so much fun! She ran along side Giorgio up front.  Matt and Samantha took turns dashing through the forest.  Jabway was in chill mode today, trotting along with the drooly Rowdy!

August 19- Pepper and Laika started off our walk this morning by rolling in a little ditch.  it was like it was the BEST place in the world to roll around.  Tonka was wondering what they were doing so she chimed in with a few howls. Rowdy and Dakota got some off leash fetch time as well as Giorgio but he wanted nothing to do with any stick I threw.  The afternoon walk was a breeze- all little dogs except for Jabway.  Jabway and Stella had a few choice words with a dog that gave them a stare down.  Pippin and Stanley had a good time stopping to smell all the ferns along the way and Petunia and Joey trotted happily along behind us.

August 20- Its hump day! yay! Tonka and Laika were super interested in all the large slugs that were out and about.  Thank goodness they didn’t see them as a snack! Dakota and Joey got an A+ for practicing pulling off to the side of the trail off to sit.  Jace and Stanley had the major zoomie and were able to burn them off running through the forest.  The afternoon walk was quite quiet.  Everyone just enjoyed trotting along- especially Rowdy and Matt.  Olive and Jabway were all about using their noses. They sniffed every piece of greenery we passed.  It was Zoe’s first walk with me so she was interested in everything about the walk.  She did VERY well.  Rosie was following Zoe, sniffing everything she was sniffing! How cute!

August 21- What a great day for a walk! Sun is shining and the weather is beautiful.  Tonka and Oscar loved sharing a stick together while Rowdy and Pepper were striking beautiul poses.  Dakota and Laika continued their lovers romance! D’awww. In the afternoon we had the pleasure of walking with Jessica.  She handled Stella and Pippin like a champ.  Ruby and Cody ran around like crazies in the meadow as Giorgio watched.   Jabway munched on the tall grass.

August 22- Everyone had SUCH a great walk today.  I was joined by some of the ABR dogs- Selkie, Ebony and Bailey.  It was such a treat and they did so well with the PSPW pack.  Joey Hav and Stanley were sooo funny. The two of them were running like champs.  Of course Laika chimed in with her eagerness to play with them too! Giorgio had some admirers on the trail wanting to take him home. Matt dug a nice big hole in an old tree so Chloe and Jabway had a mid afternoon snack of mulch. Tasty.

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Picutres

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Video’s

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Dog Daycare Aug 18 to 22, 2014

Daycare Diaries

August 18 – Ivy and Bondi walked side by side, stride for stride on this mornings walk…you would have thought we had a set of twins in our midst. Miss Rooney was on squirrel patrol this morning, she counted a total of 4. Katie had lots to tell us about her fun filled weekend. River wasn’t into her second walk until a big stick made her the coolest dog in the pack. Charlie was pulling out all the moves trying to impress the ladies…River and Lola decided to play hard to get. Madame Mia had her sight on Tristan…it may be love. Rooney was very alert and active on her walk today. She’s very happy and loving life!

August 19 – Lola and Zoe were off to a great start this morning. They played and conversed about all kinds of things. Jelly got the whole big dog pen going, he got the zoomies and took off flying. Scout learned some new tricks today and enjoyed a break from the young hyper dogs. Jace had a really good nap this afternoon! He was dreaming. Hudson was such a sweetie today. He listened really well and loved working on a pet project. Scout was a gem today. He was making friends with everyone.

August 20 – Joey was really great on his morning walk today! He was brave and walked at the front of the pack. Wrigley and Tonka had a fantastic play time this morning. It included lots of rolling around and kisses. All the big dogs practiced their group recall this morning. They all did so well, Leo and Tristen were the leaders of the class for sure.

August 21 – Stanley and Aritzia had some great brotherly love. They played and rough housed together in ways that only brothers can. All the pups were having a nap on this warm summers day. Of course the exceptions were Pepper and Jace who had way too much playing to get done to stop for a nap.

August 22 – Everyone at The Pet Shop Boys were so happy to see Harriet and Mildred. It’s been too long, we were all missing them both. Lucy (Mini Aussie) was getting all the attention today. Rocket, Lola, Bella and Winter all took turns playing with the happy go lucky Lucy.


Daycare Pictures

Dog Daycare Video’s

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Adventure Beach Run – Aug 11 to 15, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

August 11 – Happy Monday! What a beautiful sunny day. The tide was way out so we spent most of our time on the beach. It was a hot one, so we played chased in the tide pools to keep cool. It was great to see Miss Soho again, she moved to California and is back visiting her grand parents here in Vancouver. She joined our ABR today and it was like she never left. Soho and Rio really hit if off! It was the little girls doggy club today with Miss Ebony and Miss Jersey, they were having a great time investigating the beach, digging little holes and munching on seaweed. Miss Zoe’s recall is 100% what a show off!

August 13 – What a rainy day today was but that did not stop this ABR crew from having tons of doggy fun. Toby got the party started by chasing Miss Luna as soon as his little paws touched the beach and of course Miss Rio had to join in. She wouldn’t be missing any of that! Miss Ebony was a little tiered today, Selkie tried to get her to play but that puppy was pooped out, I hear through the grape vine she is a bit of a party animal and would not be surprised if she was out the night before going wild. Mr Giorgio is my best buddy and walked right by my side for the entire hike, mans best friend.

August 14 – What a relaxing day the doggies had today. Lots of sniffing, digging, rolling and say hello to every dog we dumped into on the beach. Rio and Dior got to tag along. Miss Ebony and Miss Selkie teamed up and went of on their own little adventure together. Mr Bailey stayed in the water most of the hike, he was having such a great time.

Adventure Beach Run Pictures

Adventure Bech Run Videos

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Pacific Spirit Park Walks – Aug 11 to 15, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

August 11- The pups were so eager to get to the park for their walk today!  Rosie did very well on the long lead and Jace got some fetch time.  Pepper could not contain her excitement for being on a walk- pretty much the whole time.  Dakota ran around the meadow while Tonka and Laika enjoyed play time together.  Matty was on fire today. He was digging holes in the old bark everywhere and playing with Jabway like it’s nobody’s business!  Joey was trying to get lots of hugs from me so his brother Stanley chimed in and got his love too!  Giorgio had to be leader of the pack today.  If any dog got in front of him he would run forward to get ahead of them!  Rufus loved jumping up on the tree trunks to get the best pictures!

August 12- Mister Bailey and Selkie were lucky enough to go on BOTH walks today.  Selkie was off leash pretty much the whole time and did so well and Bailey had a blast trotting along and rolling around in anything he could (as per usual). Giorgio kept the young pups in line for me, what a nice boy.  Tonka graduated to walking on her collar and Dakota and Laika were two peas in a pod!  Samantha and Jabway thought it would be fun to see who could fling their pee leaves farther. Olive was full of hugs and play, just like Oscar.  Oscar couldnt resist the urge to play with Jabway.

August 13- Finally a rainy day!  This only slightly slowed down the dogs today…Tonka was making some pretty hysterical noises while Laika, Pepper and Dakota were playing.  Jace and Sophie were able to have extended fetch time on the walk.  Joey and Stanley were battling it out in a big brotherly playfest along with the cheeky Jabway and Matty! Miles was none stop running.  He had a lot of stick fetching going on.  Miss Rosie was happy to have two other small pups on the walk with her.


August 14- Another grey day today! We did not mind the continuing break from the heat.  Jersey and Charlie were little adventurers finding new things in the forest.  Laika and Penelope were way too excited for words.  Dakota made it his mission to destroy every stick he came in contact with and Pippin trotted along behind us.  You would have found Joey and Stanley posing in the trees for us on the afternoon walk.  While Jabway made it his business to roll in the grass with Giorgio.  Samantha and Miles enjoyed some fetch time in the meadow which made them nice and tired!


August 15- Matty and Selkie were lucky enough to go on both walks today. They certainly took advantage of all their offleash time.  Jabway and Matt were giving kisses to each other before they even made it to the walk.  Joey hav was cute as a button trying to get Virgil to play with him.  Virgil gave it a shot but quickly gave up.  Penelope just had to meet everyone who passed by us on the trail.  Henry and Chloe enjoyed a good munch and roll in the meadow while Joey looked on. Have a great weekend everyone!

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Pictures

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Videos


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