Dog Daycare – Sept 8 to Sept 12, 2014

Daycare Diary

September 8 – Rigley was ready to go this morning, initiating everyone to play. Laika and Charlie were by far the best play buds. Jace and Dior were all lovey dovie. Dior was looking all cute lying down while Jace gave her sweet kisses. Jace and Rigley were saying hello to all of the neighbours on our walk. Lola insisted on being in the big dog pen today. I think she has a crush on Jace.

September 9 – Bondi was showing lots of love to Rosie and Joey today. The more the merrier! Bailey may have been shy in daycare but was an eager leader of the pack on our walks. Rosie was really well loved today wearing her ‘Rock On’ shirt. Milo and Buddy stuck by her all day. Miko and Molly were another loved up couple.

September 10 – Full of beans was Puppy Pepper! He was zooming all over the place and getting everyone excited. Jessie and Jaimie were looking smashing in red, what a couple of good looking girls. Leo was in a great mood this morning, rolling around on the floor like a young pup. Rosie was all the boy’s favourite again today wearing her ‘Barktini’ shirt. Joey was very outgoing on the walks today, he was out front leading the pack. Floyd was really feeling loved up, giving lots of love to everyone.

September 11 – Cali, Jace, Lucy and Jazzy were full of energy today, lots of rambunctious play was had. Winter couldn’t handle walking in a different group to Kiyo. Lucky for him Lucy (Mini Aussie) offered to switch. Red and Cali were amazing on the walks today. I could’ve walked with them forever.

 September 12 -  Copper joined us today and was full of excitement to get to play with all the other dogs. Jace and Bo were the best of friends today. They had a great morning play session and finished up with a nap. Henry was a champ at his pet project. He mastered the sniffer game and practiced fetch like a pro.

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Adventure Beach Run – Sept 8 to Sept 12, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Dairy

September 8 – Happy Monday! It was sooo quiet down by Spanish Banks today, we had the whole beach to ourselves. Everyone was full of beans, as soon as their little paw toes hit the sand they all got the zoomies and went nuts!  Miss Ebony even got into the case game that was going on for 30mins with Dior, Selkie, Sydney and Miss Jersey. Dior and Sydney really hit it off, these two are getting to be best buddies, totally in love with each other. Jersey was enjoying her freedom and ran like the wind, nobody could catch her. Bailey went crab hunting and found a bunch, he has the nose for the hunt. We did allot of swimming so the pups are going to be pooded when they get home tonight!

September 9 – What is going on at Spanish Banks today, there was a feast of dead crabs everywhere! Mr Bailey was in heaven. Big or Small it was an all you can eat buffet. Mr Buddy was sooo happy to see his girlfriend Miss Ebony, these two are inseparable. Miss Billie was a hoot, she loved it when I would splash the water with my feet and she would try to catch it with her teeth. Sydney was missing his girlfriend Miss Dior today and Selkie spent the whole time digging in sand and dirt.

September 10 – Let’s get this party started! Mr Toby brought his game today and there was a lot of splashing around. Miss Billie was very excited about catching my splashing water again today and Miss Selkie was loving up Miss Ebony and would sneak up on her and surprise with a paw on the bum. Mr Giorgio was my best buddy and Miss Luna was very adventurous in and out of all the rocks on the hunt.

September 11 – You can tell today is thursday because the dogs are starting to slow down from the hettic energy at the beginning of the week. Miss Jersey and Dior were grazing away on what was stuck to the rocks all over the beach. Mr Bailey went solo and swam the entire hike along the shore occasionally backing at me the throw something his way. Miss Selkie found a tennis ball and she was very happy. Miss Ebony went of by herself to explore the rocks, she was on her ever own adventure

Adventure Beach Run Pictures

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – September 8 to 12, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

September 8 – Monday, Monday! Had a great day today. Sun was shining and it was nice and cool.  Joey Hav and Sophie played basically the entire walk.  These two hit it off right from the beginning.  Tonka couldn’t handle their off leash fun so she self- soothed by putting a stick in her mouth.  Then she was ALL better!  Rowdy and Dakota were getting pretty extravagant with their poses for pictures. Climbing up on trees and fences like it was their job.  Stanley and Matt got extra off leash time.  Stan followed Matty around and attacked every log Matty did. Laika and Jabway hit it off in the meadow.  The two of them were side by side on the ground just howling at each other. Joey and Rosie stuck together. Miss Rosie was acting as a guide for Joey as she jumped on and off the logs!

September 9 – What an amazing morning walk! Everyone was so well behaved.  Could be because we didn’t see a single dog on the trail but regardless they all listened so well.  Laika was able to be on a longer lead while Georgie was off leash the whole walk.  Both recalls were spot on. Rowdy and Dakota shared the biggest log possible and dropped it as soon as I asked.  Miss Pepper wanted to play with one of her best friends Laika but knew she had to behave on leash. Olive and Lucy were full of energy off the bat, even Giorgio was running around and he is usual the chilled out one!  Sniper was doing some wicked “heeling”, I didn’t even have to ask!  Rosie and Jabway were in playful spirits as well- trying to chase around the others!

 September 10 – We had some company today, her name is Catherine.  All the pups welcomed her with open paws!  Rio and Jace ran around like crazy chasing each other.  Tonka and Laika wanted to join the fun.  Rowdy, Sophie and Dakota strolled along basking in the sunshine.  Miles and Matty had the best time playing tag with the ball.  Stanley was running offleash doing circles around his brother Joey.  Rosie and Jabway enjoyed some sniffs and rolls in the grass- trying to get leaves all over themselves!

September 11 – What a bright and shiny morning.  Started off with Georgie and Rio off leash. Rio stayed in front and Georgie in the back greeting everyone.  Pepper, Tonka and Laika found a log to jump up on to see who had the best balancing act.  Pepper won. Dakota couldn’t get enough of catherine.  He was licking her face like crazy!  In the afternoon, miles and sniper were having a tree climbing contest, sniper won!  Giorgio enjoyed some off leash romping through the forest. Keiko and Pippin strolled along with their buddy Jabway.

September 12 – Well its that time again! It’s Friday!  Hope everyone has a great weekend! We sure had a fantastic couple of walks today! The adventure beach run dogs joined our PSPW pack for BOTH walks! YAY!  It was nice too because a man was playing the bagpipes in the forest so he serenaded us for quite some time! Ruby and Sophie tromped through the woods, at first Sophie was shy to follow her but it didnt take her long to start a game of chase with Ruby. Laika wanted nothing more than to join their party so I gave her some extra leash to run around and play with them.  Matty wouldn’t leave my side for a majority of the walk.  He was such a happy boy. I think he may be in love! Selkie and Chloe went along looking for tasty treasures in the fallen leaves.  Giorgio and Jabway were the leaders today- trooping along in the front of the pack.  They have to be front and centre!

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Pictures

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – Sept 2 to Sept 5, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

September 2 – Super rainy Tuesday!  This did not slow anyone down though.  Laika and Rowdy checked out a potato bug.  Too funny how Laika had no idea what it was.  Stanley was off leash but decided to stay with his brother Joey.  Dakota was full of sneak attack kisses. He was feeling the love today.  Prim Rose had a good time sitting nice and pretty as every dog passed on the trail.  This afternoon was my first time walking Sniper.  He is as cute as a button!  Giorgio went off leash but stuck with the pack.  Jersey was so funny.  She was jumping on every tree trunk she could find.  Rosie and Pepper wanted  nothing more  than to catch up to Jersey and play with her.

 September 3 – Well it seems to be “stick eating Wednesday”! At least that was the theme this morning.  Tonga was so cute snuggling into Dakota. She later fell asleep with her head on him in the back of the truck.  He definitely didn’t mind. Buddy had the zoomies so Jace of course had to join him.  Laika was so full of energy.  She couldn’t contain herself. Every time a dog was running by her she would chase after them!  Miss Sophie was too cute, exploring the forest.  Chloe and Matt of course were all over the forest.  Rolling in whatever they could find.  Stanley would follow Chloe but wouldn’t get too far ahead and then run back to greet his brother.  Which Joey just loved!  Rowdy and Jabway got some offleash fetch time.  I got some great shots of them hiding in the trees with the ball!

 September 4 – The weekend is fast approaching! We had such a great day with both walks.  Very well behaved packs I must say.  Laika, Tonka, and Pepper had the greatest time in the meadow.  They rolled and rubbed along the wet grass like it was the best thing ever!  Dakota and Prim watched on thinking they were having too much fun and decided to get Rowdy involved in some play time as well.  Jabway and Tucker had a bunch of fun running after the ball on the trail.  Rosie and Sniper were doing circus acts on all the logs we passed.  Giorgio was dishing out so many kisses to me.  Any time I got close enough to him he would sneak on right on my cheek!

 September 5 – Friday Friday Friday!! Beauty day to send everyone off for the weekend. I’ve learned that Zoe’s favourite meal is fern leaves. She was munching those up every opportunity she had.  She also made a new best friend. His name is Charlie.  He had her following him around every tree possible.  Rio was greeting everyone on the trail like the friendly gal she is.  Penelope’s tongue was hanging out of her mouth within the first 10 mins of the walk.  Good thing there was no drool to go along with it! Mister Rowdy would’ve done anything for a treat today.  He was spinning and sitting pretty! Jersey was enjoying Chloe’s mouth goobies for an afternoon snack.  Chloe did not seem to mind.  Joey and Stanley were full of beans. They must’ve known it was the weekend!  Lucy is too cute. She trotted along with us hoping a treat would so gracefully drop from my pocket. Jabway was so happy to meet a lady on the trail.  He was full of howls!

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Pictures

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Videos

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Adventure Beach Run – Sept 2 to Sept 5, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

September 2 – Here comes the rain! and that didn’t stop the doggy fun. We only had the 5 doggies today, Ebony, Selkie, Sydney (The Goth Crew) and Rio and Bailey Boo. I could tell that these dogs had a great long weekend because they were really chill. Lots of posing going on and I took some great pictures below with a few really cute videos.

September 3 – Girls gone wild on todays hike! Miss Finnegan was crazy excited to be back with the crew that she got Luna, Ebony and Selkie all worked up that the case game went on for an hour! It was great to watch them all jump over each other and drop and roll. Mr Giorgio and Mr Toby were the only boys on todays crew and were working it.

 September 4 – What a fabulous day, the sun was out and there was a cool wind coming off the ocean that kept the dogs happy enough to play for hours. Miss Ruby was back in the ABR pack after a summer break. She made up for lost time and her and Miss Selkie played not stop! What a treat for me, there was enough room for me to bring all 3 on our dogs, Pippin, Rio and Dior, it was like a family outing. Very cute to see pippin get the zoomies on the beach with Mr Bailey.

 September 5 – Happy Friday everyone! Miss Ruby made another appearance on the ABR  today and ohhh what fun she had with Dior and Miss Selkie. Giorgio was into eating dry dirt today with a hint of grass, he is very particular. Mr Sydney was the good will ambassador and had to say hi to every dog and every person we past on our walk, with a smile and a tail wag of course! hoping to see everyone on Sunday at The Paws for the Cause in Stanley Park, have a great weekend!

Adventure Beach Run Pictures

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