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Daycare Photos


Please link HERE to see more of our fabulous Daycare Photo Gallery from last week!

Daycare Diary

December 4 – Welcome back to daycare miss Lucie! Lucie has been away staying at her grandmas house but she is back in daycare and thrilled to see all her friends. Cali and Lucy welcomed her with a » Read more…


Daycare Photos


Please link HERE to see more of our fabulous Daycare Photo Gallery from last week!

Daycare Diary

November 27 – Welcome miss Mika to daycare today. What a confident and friendly little Yorkie she is. She has no problem » Read more…


Daycare Photos



Please link HERE to see more of our fabulous Daycare Photo Gallery from last week!

Daycare Diary

November 20 – Caramel came into daycare looking refreshed because he had a nice relaxing weekend inside, Netflix and snuggles. We’ve got a full house of Great Danes today. Miss Rio is looking forward to her afternoon ABR. M, Dior and Tiffany are looking for » Read more…

Urban Dog – Meet & Greet

There is a common and somewhat strange social pressure to let or encourage our dogs meet other dogs they see while on leash in the community. It may be because seeing our dog happy brings us so much joy, but is also may be that we think our dog has to or wants to meet all other dogs. This is truly not the case. In fact, teaching your dog that sometimes we greet dogs while on leash, but most of the time we do not, is my professional suggestion and preference.

You see, the leash (and sidewalks) are not designed to allow dogs to approach the way they naturally or appropriately should greet each other in off leash settings. In the dog world, an appropriate initial interaction would include a very large C shaped curved approach from a distance. Because leashes do not allow a dog to freely engage, in fact, they often frustrate the dog and prevent them from being able to approach another dog on their terms – we commonly see poor leash greetings (and even aggression) creep up over time.

Many dogs are not pro-dog social with all other dogs. Many dogs are fearful or unsure or even selective about who they do and do not feel comfortable engaging with. The confines of a leash actually exasperate this fear/apprehension/discomfort, which in time can lead to leash aggression or frustration (barking, lunging, growling on leash).



It is important to know your dog, their comfort levels, their social interests & do your due diligence to ensure it is a positive interaction for both dogs.

Lastly, what gets rewarded, gets repeated. If your dog is pulling, whining, obsessing and jumping to gain access and approach another dog – and you continue to walk towards the other dog, you are inadvertently rewarding your dog for all of these undesirable behaviours, by allowing them to sniff/approach the other dog! Get calm, patient and polite behaviour before rewarding them with an interaction if they seem to be keen to meet and greet!

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Annika McDade
Canine Connection Training

The 12 Days of Christmas @TPSB

Come by our store to check out the BC SPCA Pop Up Shop where Santa has delivered a sleigh full of goodies for you and your pups this holiday season! 100% of the proceeds go towards the BC SPCA. Stay tuned for more gift ideas for your animal loving family and friends!

On the 3rd Day Of Christmas the BC SPCA brought to us… Three cozy hoodies


Get cozy and remind everyone that animals are more than just things! The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things Hooded Sweatshirt features a grey lined hood and cellphone pocket.

On the 2nd Day Of Christmas the BC SPCA brought to us… Two pairs of Pawks!



PAWks anti-slip dog socks provide paw protection for dogs with foot injuries, as well as increased traction for older dogs (or dogs with hip injuries). Our Dog socks can also help protect your hardwood floors from accidental scratches. They are cute, stylish and put the “fun” in functional.

On the 1st Day Of Christmas the BC SPCA brought to us… A pocket size pet first aid kit!



Included in the Pocket Size Pet First Aid Kit: