Daycare – July 14 to 18, 2014

Daycare Diary

July 14 – Maya and Watson were attentive squirrel hunters on this mornings walk, they spotted a total of 8 nut gathering fur balls. Cody and Tonka were best friends today, the two girls played so much and then cuddled up for a beautiful sleep together. Mia has a soft spot for the wiener dogs, she was full of kisses for Watson and Winter. Yuki, Bondi and Rosie were the ultimate trio this morning wherever they went they went together and played constantly.

July 15 – What a bright, warm sun shiny day! All the pups are in good spirits because of the wonderful weather. Joey was feeling a little worried this morning but a good play with Zuzu had him leaving his concerns behind. Chief and Dior had some special one on one time in the front pen. Rowdy got frisky this afternoon and had fun bouncing around the big pen with Laika and the Staff. Mila was in love with Rosie all day! She couldn’t bare to be away from her side.

July 16 – Lola and Laika thought it would be a great idea to tip the water bowl and turn the middle pen into a water park. They had the best fun all day. Stanley and Charlie had a very fun day today. They started off  the morning playing in daycare and continued all the way through their first walk. Jersey, Rooney, Jessie, Jamie and Bowser had a great time rolling in the grass. Meanwhile Louis and Eddie were sunbathing! Perfect day for it.

July 17 – Mia and little Miss Stevie had a great morning. They were very excited to walk and get the little feet going. Tonka and Cody had loads of energy left over after their second walk. They were sure to use as much of it as possible while playing. Cali was full of bouncy beans all day, Chief thought she was so funny.

July 18 – Miss Tonka and Miss Prim Rose were first to arrive at daycare this morning. Everyone was pooped after their 11 o’clock walks…except for Lafawnda and Bella. They took advantage of everyone’s naps by running all over the pen chasing each other. Leo was trying so hard to keep up with Prim during play time today.

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Pet Projects – June 2014

Everyday in Daycare our staff set aside quality time to work with our doggy clients 1 on 1, teaching them or brushing up on some really fun tricks! We teach Sit, Come, Stay or something a little bit more fun like Crawl, Spin, High 5, Secrets, etc.

We also teach some really great games that dogs LOVE such as Fetch & The Sniffing Game! This is everyone’s favourite part of the day and our TPSB staff get so much enjoyment from interacting with your dog and watching him/her learn and practice new skills. We are very proud of our Pet Project Program here at The Pet Shop Boys. This program has been implemented to provide mental stimulation, stress/anxiety relief, education training and of course to have a ton of fun!!!

Pet Project Videos


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Adventure Beach Run – July 7 to 11, 2014

Adventure Beach Run Diary

July 7 -  Great start to the week! The sun was shining, the waves were crashing and everyone was in a great mood!  The walk started off with a bang! Bailey, Sydney, Rex and Selkie went right for the water and were pretty much in and out the whole walk- Except when Bailey and Sydney  wanted to go and join peoples picnic’s!  Rex and Jersey were hilarious…The two of them were running around like crazy on the beach.  Miss Ebony had the greatest time slinging seaweed everywhere and getting to her usual cool down spot in the fresh water.  She thinks the salt water will mess with her hair.

July 8 - What a fabulous day at the beach. Mr Bailey was way too cute posing for pictures, his ears would disappear and he looked like a puppy again. Buddy the man was loving Miss Ebony Chanel again, chasing her all over the grassy part of the doggy park, love is in the air! Dior joined in on the walk today and she brought a element of extra fun to the group. Sydney was crazy fun chasing every dog that came up to our pack, play with me!!! Miss Selkie insisted on my throwing stones into the ocean so she could fetch them, not much luck actually finding one but the process was a ton of fun!

July 9 - What a beautiful summer day! Miss Penelope joined the pack and had to stop and say hi to every single person who was picnicking along the beach, what an attention monster she is, “Max I am ready for my close up!” Toby was full of beans and him and Miss Selkie barked at me to throw a rock so I waited till they were a little more polite about it and then we played go chase the rocks for about 30mins, Ohhh what fun they had. Bailey’s recall was once again amazing and little Miss Ebony Chanel had many rolls in the sand, she like a good exfoliation, she like to share her beauty secrets.

July 10 - Oh my goodness! We had so so much fun at the beach today.  The tide was way out and all the pups LOVED it!  We all decided to literally have a beach RUN.  We ran to all the watering holes and splashed around like it was the best thing ever.  Auntie Jacky was soaked because of Rex and Selkie.  They jumped all over me and made sure I got nice and sandy.  Giogio was my right hand man.  We were like two peas in a pod.  He followed me everywhere I went.  Ebony had the MAJOR zoomies.  She ran around in circles around all the dogs.  They were left in her dust.  Sydney couldn’t help but follow Bailey around and the two of them reached the waters for sticks or something else they could dig up!

July 11 - It was SO MUCH FUN today! The tide was the furthest out it’s been all year! No tide pool was unsplashed.  Ebony was so funny.  She was none stop rolling on the sand bars.  Making sure to cover every square inch of her body in sand.   Luna and Sydney had a made love affair today.  The two of them were so happy to be chasing each other and giving each other sweet hip checks… Bailey and Matt spent their time looking for crabs and running through the water with me.  Miss Selkie was my sidekick.  She made sure I was wet and sandy just like everyone else!  We ran into Elio AND Buddy on the beach! It was so nice to see them!

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Daycare – July 7 to 11, 2014

Daycare Diary

July 7 – Henry and Chief were full of beans this morning running around and around and around. Dior caught a case of the zoomies as soon as Prim Rose arrived. Lawfawnda and Yuki played just like sisters all day. Rosie was full of kisses for Joey today. Abby fell in love with Jace instantly, they played and then took a nap together. Watson and Mia snuggled together for hours. Maya and Ebony came back from their hike with giant smiles on their faces but ready to take a nap. The heat took a toll on the pups, after the last walk they fell fast asleep.

July 8 – It was nap time at The Pet Shop Boy’s, all the puppies were fast asleep. This included Jace, Lola (Golden), Tonka, Tanner and Abby. It stayed like this until 10am then it was all bonkers. Rio, Cali and Zuzu worked hard on some very important pet projects. Zuzu also made it her business to climb onto all the resting dogs backs. Good thing they didn’t mind.

July 9 – Stevie and Stanley were very excited to be going on a walk together, both of them wanted to play so badly they couldn’t contain themselves. Cody had a very special admirer today. A super cute baby in a pram could not contain his excitement as Cody walked past. Abby, Chief and Rooney had private play time in the front pen. Rex and Rooney had lots of kisses and cuddles for each other in the corner of the back pen today.

July 10 – Everybody came into daycare with lots of energy this morning, especially the big dogs. Tonka, Dior, Laika, Jace, Louie and Rex had the ultimate play session. Things quieted down for a bit and amazingly everyone simultaneously took a mini nap. However, by the 11 o’clock walk all the dogs woke up and were ready for round two. Jace was so happy to see his man crush Griffin today. Mackenzie adored her interactions with Rio today. Every time Rio passed through Mackenzie was so excited to say hello.

July 11 – Eddie came in looking very handsome with his summer haircut…Lola, Ruby, Willow and Ebony couldn’t help but flock to his side for kisses. Leo supervised as Lola and Jace played. Stanley and Miko were like two peas in a pod today playing together, kissing each other and even napping together. Dior was full of excitement this morning and zoomed around the big pen encouraging all the dogs to chase her. Yuki tried her hardest to get Sage to play with her but no success.

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Pacific Spirit Park Walk – July 7 to 11, 2014

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Diary

July 7 – Jace and Finnegan met this morning. Finally, Jace has met his energy match! They must have run 100 km on the trail, zipping back and forth. Stanley harassed his buddy Joey. In the afternoon, Inge and Henry had a doggie parkour competition. Chief crashed around the bush and Matt and Jabway had a good wrestle in the meadow.

July 8 – Georgie Girl’s favourite boy was on the morning walk today, Mr. Henry! They crashed around and nipped each other’s heels. Penelope had her second walk and realized that walks are AWESOME! She had so much fun! Inge found her forest fragrance of the day and had a good roll. Sam stretched her legs with Henry and little Rudy joined the team! He had a puppy blast!

July 9 – Henry and Jace had a field day today! Jace still have puppy energy so he outran Henry and then took on Sophie in the meadow. Rowdy chilled in the grass with Rosie. Joey was my buddy for the day, we went on the morning walk, hung out for lunch and then did the afternoon walk too! Jabway and Matt played a little chase. Giorgio and Chloe were our seniors and found bittles to nibble on the trail.

July 10 – Stanley and Joey the Havanese were adorable today. They ran, wrestled, rolled all over the trail. Georgie Girl and Henry loved on each other in their big dog way. Rowdy ended up covered in grass seed from rolling in the grass. Baby Rouy bounced down the trail on his second walk while Inge and Olive played. Jabway and Samantha raced around the meadow and the trail.

July 11 – Henry and Georgie have so much fun together. Little Poodle Rosie was so jealous. She was keen on playing with Georgie, even if Georgie has 100 lbs on her. Keiko and Joey enjoyed their off-leash time together, cruising the trail and visiting the park staff. IN the afternoon, Dior and Chief ran amok! What besties they turned out to be. Inge and Rio hunted invisible squirrels. Jabway may have wished he was in the arctic with his thick Husky coat, but he put on a brave face and explored the underbrush.

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Pictures

Pacific Spirit Park Walk Videos

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