Private Daycare

Our Philosophy

Welcome to The Pet Shop Boys Private Daycare, the Montessori of doggie daycares! As leaders in the pet care industry we uphold the highest standards when caring for your furry loved one. This means that your dog is treated with respect and positive attention by well-trained Daycare Tutors. We have taken tremendous time and attention to create a fun and structured environment where your dog’s wellbeing is our top priority.

Daycare Tutors

While in our care, your dog will enjoy a balanced day of structured fun and exercise with their friends as well as one-on-one mental stimulation with our Daycare Tutors.   Our tutors are the heart of our Private Daycare and will be with your dog at every moment of the day. Your dog will always be supervised and we maintain a ratio of at least one tutor per eleven dogs. All of our tutors complete three training certifications; the Dog Trainer Foundations course from the Karen Pryor Academy, the Dog Walking Certification course from the Amber Cottle Canine Training Center (an exclusive course designed specifically for The Pet Shop Boys), and Pet First Aid from Walks N Wags Pet First Aid. Many of our tutors also have previous experience in veterinary clinics and rescue kennels. Comprehensive training and a solid understanding of dog behaviour truly elevates the quality of service that our tutors provide and sets us far above other pet care establishments.


At specific times throughout the day, your dog will enjoy three thirty-minute neighbourhood walks with up to five of his or her best friends (plus frequent puppy pee breaks for the little ones).  Maintaining a consistent routine enables your dog to predict his or her Play-Pee-Rest schedule while keeping attention focused on our Daycare Tutors. Puppies and senior dogs may also have set meal and nap times.  For puppies, we also find this especially helpful in assisting with crate training and impulse control training while in daycare and with you at home.

Pet Projects

In addition to all the group fun, neighbourhood walks, and essential cuddle time, our tutors put their formal training into action with Pet Projects. Dogs love to be rewarded and that’s why we introduced Pet Projects into our daycare routine. Everyday our tutors set aside quality time to work one on one with dogs, teaching them new tricks or brushing up on the basics. This is an ongoing training relationship with so many benefits! Not only will your dog love all the attention, it creates a respectful bond between dog and tutor and establishes healthy leadership. Plus, you’ll love all the cute videos posted in our monthly newsletter.

Buddy Program

We know that sometimes training a dog can be a little challenging with everyone trying to be on the same page and consistent with the training program, especially for puppies and new rescue dogs. We have created a Buddy Program to help maintain your training routines in daycare. Our daycare tutors will work with your trainer to ensure that your dog is consistently being set up for success.

Hug Program

To top everything off, we also established a Hug Program. This program allows us recognize our staff for going above and beyond expectations. From training assistance to advice on general health, recognizing patterns, and extra love, we never want to take their love and dedication for dogs for granted. Recognizing their hard work means that our staff are respected and encouraged to continue to provide exceptional service to you and exceptional care for your dog.


Over the past six years we’ve listened to our customers, staff, and experts in the industry to create the best possible environment for your dog. From investing in education to Pet Projects, the Buddy Program, Game Time and our Hug Program, we have whole-heartedly dedicated ourselves to creating a space that fosters the best experiences possible for your dog.

Check out our BLOG with weekly updates of videos, pictures and diary entries of a “Dog’s Day in Daycare” and see what they are up to!

Our Daycare is located at The Pet Shop Boys @ 3080 Cambie Street or BOOK our doggy chauffeur service for pick-up and drop-off to and from your home. Please make sure your home is in our pick-up/drop-off ZONE for this Chauffeur service.

Use the online booking calendar below for REGISTERED dogs only. If you would like to book hourly drop in, please do not book online and simply contact us at the boutique @ 604-569-3377.

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