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A groomer trained in Asia will typically spend 1-2 years going through full time grooming school. Their education focuses on skillful hand scissoring techniques, specifically on curly coats, wavy coats, and drop coats; learning how to create a 3-demensional or spherical look. They are highly skilled in hand stripping, full body hand-scissoring, and because of this an Asian trained groomer can do longer body haircuts than a Canadian trained groomer.

Clients will end up with a much more detailed cut, including proper show cuts with correctional grooming, such as lamb clips and fashion cuts with more angulation and a shaped waistline to showcase their physique and definition. An Asian trained groomer provides you with an array of styles to choose from like Asian Fusion, teddy bear cuts, and puppy trims. You can express your creativity by colouring your dog's fur or bling bling them up with jewels and feathers. Asian fusion fashion cuts elevate the functionality of grooming to a higher level of artistry and creative expression that is not practiced in North America.

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Our Groomers

Kaori 's Bio
I attended Fukuoka Visionary Arts College to complete my Certificate in Animal Care. I started in my first grooming salon soon after graduation as a Groomer`s Assistant. This sparked my passion and interest in dog grooming - I went on to attend grooming school and became a dog groomer the following year. After absorbing all the knowledge I could in Japan, I decided it was time to challenge myself. I obtained a VISA and moved to Vancouver, Canada to pursue my career in another country.

David's Bio
In 2010, I became friends with a local groomer who helped us when we first opened the store and I began apprenticing once a week and learned basic grooming skills. In 2012, I took my first grooming class locally and subsequently made the decision to move to Singapore and study under a famous Master Groomer at the Art of Pet Grooming where I graduated in 2013. In 2016, I co-hosted my first grooming seminar for local groomers on how to do Teddy Bear faces and Asian-style grooming techniques. Currently I am lucky enough to work with other Asian trained groomers where I am consistently improving my grooming skills. I have a passion for creative grooming and I enjoy spreading the art of Asian-style grooming to Vancouver residents.