Register for Spa and Doggy Services

Welcome to our online registration system. Our online booking system is set up for your convenience and all clients must register in order to use any of our services.

Spa/Wellness Registry

If you are registering for Spa/Wellness services, you can simply activate your account right away using the link in the email confirmation that will receive in your inbox immediately following your registration.

Doggy Services Registry

For our doggy services such as Daycare/Hikes/Home Boarding, we will follow-up with your veterinarian to confirm that your dog is up to date with his/her vaccinations. Bordatella, Distemper (or titer test), and a flea program is required. Your dog will also need a valid city dog license. If you do not have a city license please contact your municipality for details. Licenses are available online and are quick to obtain.

Once all of your information is confirmed, we will contact you to schedule a 1 hour assessment for your dog. Assessments take place on Saturdays by appointment only and we ask for a $10 cash donation that we 100% give to local dog rescues for this assessment.

The assessment starts off at our boutique where you will leave your dog with us for 1 hour introduction to our private daycare. This gives us a great opportunity to really get to know your dog and make sure that he/she feels comfortable and safe with us. The assessment consists of Approach, Handling, Equipment. Resource Guarding Test, Group Walking, Crate Training, Alone Time, Potty Accidents, Body Language and Behavioural. Once the assessment is complete, and if both parties feel comfortable, we will activate your online account and you are ready to book our doggy Daycare / Hiking / Walking / Boarding services.

If you already have a username and password, you can simply login to a specific service using the menu above.


Please choose the services you are registering for:

  • Grooming
  • Sedation Free Teeth Cleaning
  • Private Doggy Daycare
  • Adventure Beach Runs
  • Home Boarding